Eric Manizabayo: Riding for Glory at Paris 2024 Olympics

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Eric Manizabayo prepares for Olympic debut, cycling for Rwanda.
He aims to shine despite previous international race challenges.
Proud to represent Rwanda, honored as flag bearer in Paris.
Joined by Diane Ingabire and Jazilla Mwamikazi in cycling squad.
Rwanda fields diverse athletes across athletics, swimming, and fencing.
Team Rwanda eyes historic medal in Paris 2024 Olympics.

Eric Manizabayo, the 26-year-old Rwandan cyclist from Benediction Club, is set to blaze a trail at the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, marking his debut on a wildcard entry.

A Journey to Paris

Manizabayo’s journey to the Olympics began with his participation in prestigious cycling events like the Tour du Rwanda and the UCI Road World Championships. Despite not clinching titles in these competitions, he remains undeterred and optimistic about his chances in Paris.

Dreams and Determination

In an exclusive interview with Weekend Sport, Manizabayo expressed his deep honor at being selected as the flag bearer for Rwanda, highlighting the significance of representing his country on the global stage. “This will be my first Olympic Games. It’s a special feeling,” he shared, underscoring his rigorous training regimen and readiness for the upcoming challenge.

From Local Hero to International Stage

Manizabayo’s rise in the cycling world saw him make a significant impact in local races before gaining recognition in international arenas. His debut on the global circuit came during the 2018 Tour du Rwanda, where he finished admirably despite stiff competition. This marked a pivotal moment in his career, setting the stage for subsequent international appearances.

Aiming High: Road to Paris

With a focused goal of crossing the finish line in Paris, Manizabayo remains steadfast in his preparations alongside his Rwandan teammates. Their intensive training sessions at La Palisse Hotel in Nyamata underscore their determination to make history as part of Rwanda’s eight-athlete contingent.

Team Rwanda’s Quest for Olympic Glory

Manizabayo is joined by Diane Ingabire and Jazilla Mwamikazi, forming Rwanda’s cycling squad poised to challenge for Olympic honors. Ingabire will compete in both road races and individual time trials, while Mwamikazi focuses on mountain biking. Together, they embody Rwanda’s aspirations for its first Olympic medal.

Rwanda’s Olympic Contingent

  • Cycling
    • Men: Eric Manizabayo (Road Race)
    • Women: Diane Ingabire (Road Race & ITT)
    • Jazilla Mwamikazi (Mountain Bike)
    • Coach: David Louvet
  • Athletics
    • Men: Yves Nimubona (10,000m)
    • Women: Clementine Mukandanga (Full Marathon 42km)
    • Coach: Eric Karasira
  • Swimming
    • Men: Peyre Mitilla Oscar Cyusa (Butterfly 100m)
    • Women: Lidwine Umuhoza Uwase (Freestyle 50m)
    • Coach: James Bazatsinda
  • Fencing
    • Women: Tufaha Uwihoreye
    • Coach: Emmanuel Kwizera

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