Financial Woes Threaten Bulawayo Chiefs’ Stability: The Case of Miguel Feldman

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Bulawayo Chiefs risk losing midfielder Miguel Feldman over unpaid salaries.
Feldman seeks help from FUZ, deadline set for payment.
Chiefs’ financial instability causes loss of key players.
Coach Sibanda rebuilds team despite ongoing financial struggles.

Player Retention Crisis

Bulawayo Chiefs face a critical juncture as they risk losing key midfielder Miguel Feldman due to unpaid salaries. The club’s financial difficulties have led Feldman to seek intervention from the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe (FUZ), demanding his dues or the freedom to move to another team. With Chicken Inn reportedly interested in acquiring his services, the pressure is mounting on the Chiefs to resolve the situation promptly.

Feldman’s Standpoint

Miguel Feldman, currently owed five months of salary, is taking a firm stance. He has engaged FUZ to ensure he receives his outstanding payments or becomes a free agent. FUZ spokesperson Wonder Sithole confirmed their involvement, stating, “We have given Bulawayo Chiefs a default notice to pay Feldman his outstanding salaries. He is still a Bulawayo Chiefs player, but they have a July 8 deadline to pay his dues, and if they fail, we will terminate his contract.”

Union’s Intervention

FUZ’s role in this scenario highlights the ongoing financial struggles within the Zimbabwean Premier Soccer League. Sithole emphasized that if the Chiefs fail to meet the July 8 deadline, the matter will escalate to the ZIFA player status committee. This committee will have the authority to decide Feldman’s future, potentially allowing him to join a new club if the Chiefs do not comply.

Chiefs’ Financial Struggles

Bulawayo Chiefs’ financial instability is not a new issue. Over the years, the club has lost several top players due to its inability to meet salary obligations. Despite these challenges, the Chiefs have managed to remain in the Premier Soccer League since their promotion in 2018. However, their struggles continue to impact player retention and performance.

Previous Departures

The club’s financial woes have led to the departure of notable players like Obriel Chirinda, who joined reigning champions Ngezi Platinum Stars last year. Other players who have left include Malvin Mkolo, Mthokozisi Msebe, Ayanda Ncube, Billy Veremu, Mandla Gasela, and Ben Nyahunzvi. These losses have forced the Chiefs to rebuild their squad repeatedly.

Rebuilding Efforts

In response to the ongoing exodus, Coach Thulani Sibanda has been instrumental in scouting and integrating new talent. Sibanda, who has had a fluctuating tenure with the Chiefs since their promotion, turned to Division One clubs to find replacements. One such success story is striker Never Rauzhi, who was recruited from the Lowveld, where Sibanda was coaching relegated Triangle. Rauzhi has proven to be a valuable addition, scoring six goals so far this season.

Coaching Carousel

The coaching situation at Bulawayo Chiefs has also been tumultuous. Over the past six years, the club has seen multiple coaches come and go, including the late Rahman Gumbo, Lizwe Sweswe, Joseph Ngwenya, Johanisi Nhumwa, and Portuguese national Nilton Terroso. This lack of stability at the helm has compounded the club’s challenges, making consistent performance difficult.

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