Tanzania Prepares Kirumba Stadium for AFCON 2027

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Tanzania allocates Tshs. 50bn/- for CCM Kirumba Stadium renovation.
Stadium prepares for AFCON 2027 with upgrades.
Strategy includes simultaneous matches to prevent manipulation.
Community supports health benefits of sports infrastructure.

Government Allocates 50bn/- for CCM Kirumba Stadium Renovation

In a bold move aimed at enhancing Tanzania’s sporting infrastructure, the government has allocated 50 billion Tanzanian Shillings for the renovation of CCM Kirumba Stadium. This announcement was made by the Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports, Damas Ndumbaro, during his inspection of the stadium’s facilities on Wednesday. The renovations are part of Tanzania’s preparations to co-host the AFCON finals in 2027 alongside Kenya and Uganda.

A Strategic Venue for AFCON 2027

Minister Ndumbaro emphasized the significance of CCM Kirumba Stadium as one of the key venues chosen by the government for the AFCON finals. The inspection aimed to assess the stadium’s current condition and readiness for the upcoming renovations required to meet AFCON standards.

Detailed Renovation Plans

“The renovation of CCM Kirumba Stadium will commence soon and is expected to be completed within eight months,” stated Minister Ndumbaro. The plans include extensive upgrades such as improving the pitch quality, installing roofs, seats, and lighting to ensure the stadium meets international standards for the tournament.

Strategic Sporting Vision

Minister Ndumbaro highlighted Tanzania’s strategy to host simultaneous matches at each venue during the AFCON finals, aimed at preventing result manipulation and maximizing ticket sales. This approach underscores Tanzania’s readiness to attract international teams and fans alike to its venues.

Community and Political Support

Angeline Mabula, the Member of Parliament for Ilemela, expressed gratitude towards President Samia Suluhu Hassan for prioritizing sports infrastructure development in Tanzania. Mabula applauded Minister Ndumbaro’s decision to renovate CCM Kirumba Stadium, emphasizing the broader benefits of sports facilities in promoting healthy lifestyles and community well-being.

Simple Biography about CCM Kirumba Stadium
CCM Kirumba Stadium, located in Mwanza, Tanzania, is a versatile venue with a seating capacity of 35,000, making it Tanzania’s second largest stadium after Dar es Salaam’s National Stadium. It serves as a key venue for the Tanzania national football team, hosting numerous friendlies and competitive matches. Local Mwanza-based football clubs competing in the Tanzanian Premier League and Tanzanian First Division League also call it home. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and significant sporting events, CCM Kirumba Stadium stands as a hub for football in the region, contributing to the community’s passion for the sport and local pride.

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