Charity Boxing Match: Fighting for Health Insurance in Geita Region

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Charity boxing match aims to provide health insurance in Geita.
Event organized by MP Sophia Mwakagenda on July 28th.
Fighters Mandonga and Maugo promise intense, competitive bout.
Funds to support 2000 people across four regions.

A highly anticipated charity boxing match is set to take place, featuring renowned pugilists Karim Mandonga, also known as ‘Mtu Kazi,’ and Mada Maugo. This bout aims to raise funds for health insurance for people living in vulnerable environments in the Geita Region. The event not only promises an exciting showdown between the two fighters but also a significant contribution to improving healthcare access for the underprivileged.

Date and Organizers

The charity match will be held on July 28th, as announced by Sophia Mwakagenda, the event’s organizer and Special Seats Member of Parliament. Speaking in Dar es Salaam, Mwakagenda emphasized the event’s goal of supporting the government’s efforts in facilitating access to health services. The funds raised will benefit 2000 people across the Dodoma, Mbeya, Coast, and Geita regions.

“We, as Lady in Red, are committed to raising as much money as possible to reach the beneficiaries in these regions,” Mwakagenda stated. She highlighted that since 2016, they have collaborated with boxing stakeholders to organize similar events, calling for continued support to ensure the upcoming charity fight’s success.

Fighters’ Perspectives

Karim Mandonga expressed his enthusiasm about participating in the event, assuring his fans of a thrilling performance. Reflecting on his previous loss to Maugo in Morogoro last April, Mandonga confidently announced that he has developed a new punch, dubbed ‘Mbeku,’ which he believes will secure his victory. “I assure my fans that I will defeat Maugo this time with my new punch, ‘Mbeku,’” Mandonga declared.

In contrast, Maugo, known for his strong punches termed ‘Pikitieli,’ vowed to end Mandonga’s boxing career. He confidently stated that their upcoming fight would be Mandonga’s last. This fierce rivalry adds an extra layer of excitement to the event, promising a gripping showdown for boxing fans.

Supporting Fighters and Political Figures

The event will also feature boxer Ibrahim Class, who expressed his readiness to fight and seize the opportunity to enhance his skills. Class’s participation adds depth to the event, showcasing the talent and determination of local boxers.

Additionally, the charity match will see the involvement of several Members of Parliament, including Santiel Kilumba, Sylvia Sigula, Salome Makamba, and Ngwasi Kamani. These political figures will physically engage in the boxing matches, demonstrating their support for the cause and adding a unique twist to the event.

A Broader Impact on Health Access

The charity fight’s primary goal is to raise funds for providing health insurance to 2000 individuals in vulnerable regions. This initiative is crucial in supporting the government’s efforts to improve healthcare access and services. The funds collected will ensure that the beneficiaries receive the necessary health services, addressing a critical need in these areas.

Sophia Mwakagenda emphasized the importance of such initiatives in bridging the gap in healthcare access. “These events are vital in mobilizing resources and raising awareness about the healthcare challenges faced by vulnerable populations,” she noted. By leveraging the popularity of boxing, the organizers aim to draw significant attention and support for this noble cause.

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