City Oilers Triumph Over UCU Canons in National Basketball League Showdown

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  • City Oilers narrowly defeated UCU Canons 71-64.
  • Oilers struggled initially without coach Andrew Tendo.
  • Moses Maker led Oilers with 12 points.
  • UCU hindered by 24 turnovers despite strong performance.

In a gripping National Basketball League game at YMCA Court in Wandegeya, the City Oilers narrowly defeated the UCU Canons 71-64. The match, held on Friday, highlighted both teams’ tenacity and competitive spirit, with the Oilers managing to pull through despite significant challenges.

Slow Start for the Oilers

The City Oilers, typically a dominant force, struggled initially without their head coach Andrew Tendo. This absence was felt deeply as the UCU Canons took control early in the game. The Canons ended the first quarter ahead 15-11 and extended their lead to five points by halftime. The Oilers appeared disjointed, unable to find their usual rhythm and cohesion on the court.

Battle for Momentum

Throughout the game, the Oilers experimented with their lineup, rotating their playing five every quarter. This strategy allowed them to adapt and respond to UCU’s aggressive play. By the end of the third quarter, the Oilers had managed to cut the deficit to just one point, setting the stage for a thrilling final quarter. The momentum shift was crucial as the Oilers surged ahead in the last minutes to secure their victory.

Key Performances

Moses Maker emerged as a key player for the Oilers, leading his team with 12 points. Notably, Maker was the only Oilers player to score in double digits, underscoring the team’s broader struggle for offensive consistency. On the other hand, UCU’s Peter Sifuma delivered a stellar performance, achieving a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds. His efforts were supported by Ibanda Lwabaga and Joel Kayiira, who scored 15 and 10 points respectively.

UCU’s Turnover Trouble

Despite their commendable effort, UCU Canons were plagued by turnovers, committing 24 throughout the game. This significantly hindered their ability to capitalize on their rebounding advantage, where they outperformed the Oilers 52-49. The Canons’ inability to maintain possession ultimately cost them the game, despite their strong performance in other areas.

Conclusion of the Regular Season

This victory marks the end of the regular season for the City Oilers, who finished with an impressive record of 21 wins out of 22 games. This consistent performance solidifies their position as a leading team in the league, heading into the playoffs with significant momentum. For UCU Canons, their regular season campaign will conclude on Sunday against the Ndejje Angels, where they will look to rebound from this narrow loss and end their season on a high note.

Notable Performances

  • Moses Maker led the City Oilers with 12 points, being the only player from his team to score in double digits.
  • Peter Sifuma from UCU Canons achieved a double-double, contributing 12 points and securing 10 rebounds.
  • Ibanda Lwabaga was the top scorer for UCU Canons, putting up 15 points against the City Oilers.
  • Joel Kayiira added valuable support for UCU with a solid performance, scoring 10 points during the game.

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