Return of the Basketball Dar es Salaam League 2024: A Fresh Start Post-Taifa Cup

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BDL 2024 second phase starts after Taifa Cup break.
Weekend matches at Don Bosco Oysterbay and Upanga grounds.
Women’s and men’s games scheduled, with high expectations.
Quarterfinals begin September 17, finals on October 16.

The Basketball Dar es Salaam League (BDL) 2024 is set to resume, marking the beginning of its highly anticipated second phase. After a brief hiatus to accommodate the Taifa Cup Basketball tournament, the league is ready to bring exciting basketball action back to Dar es Salaam.

A Month’s Pause for Taifa Cup

The BDL took a necessary break to allow players to participate in the Taifa Cup Basketball tournament, which concluded recently in Dodoma. This pause ensured that the best talent could represent their respective regions, adding prestige and competitive spirit to the tournament. Now, with the Taifa Cup in the rearview mirror, the BDL is gearing up to reignite the local basketball scene.

Weekend Kickoff at Multiple Venues

The second phase of the BDL kicks off this weekend with a flurry of activities scheduled at Don Bosco Oysterbay and Upanga grounds. This dual-venue setup aims to accommodate a wide range of matches and provide ample opportunities for fans to witness the thrilling contests. BD Technical and Competition Director, Kavalambi, announced that the league would commence with ten games slated for Saturday, promising an action-packed weekend for basketball enthusiasts.

Women’s Matches Lead the Charge

The fixtures reveal that the women’s matches will take the spotlight first, with two exciting games scheduled at 11:00 AM. Police Star will go head-to-head with Kurasini Divas, while Twalipo Queens will clash with Kigamboni Queens. These matches are expected to set the tone for the league’s second phase, showcasing the talent and competitive spirit of women’s basketball in Dar es Salaam.

Men’s Matches to Follow

The men’s matches will follow in the afternoon and evening. At the Upanga venue, Mgulani JKT will face a formidable challenge from Jogoo. Meanwhile, DB Oratory will take on ABC at Don Bosco ground at 5:30 PM. These matchups promise intense competition and are eagerly anticipated by the city’s basketball fans.

Path to the Quarterfinals and Beyond

According to Kavalambi, the quarterfinals are set to begin on September 17, with the semifinals and finals scheduled for September 28 and October 16, respectively. The men’s quarterfinals will feature best-of-five series, while the women’s semifinals will be decided in best-of-three battles. This format ensures that the most resilient and skilled teams will advance, providing fans with high-stakes and exhilarating basketball action.

First Phase Recap

The first phase of the BDL concluded on May 19, setting the stage for the second round. In the men’s category, Dar City emerged as the front-runner with 29 points from 15 matches, sharing the top spot with UDSM Outsiders, who also have 29 points but trail due to other tie-breaking criteria. Savio follows closely in third place with 28 points. In the women’s category, DB Troncatti leads with 30 points from 15 matches, followed by defending champions Vijana Queens with 28 points, and Jeshi Stars in third with 26 points.


The return of the BDL is highly anticipated, especially given the competitive nature of the first phase. Dar City and DB Troncatti have set high standards in their respective categories, and fans are eager to see if they can maintain their dominance. The league’s format, with best-of-five and best-of-three series, promises to bring out the best in each team, ensuring a thrilling conclusion to the season.

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