Dominant UCU Canons Conclude Regular Season with Convincing Win

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UCU Canons dominate, win 73-49 vs. Ndejje Angels.
Strong start by Angels fades; UCU takes control.
Norbert Okidi leads with 14 points for Canons.
Playoffs next; Canons face KCCA Panthers.

UCU Canons Seal Strong Finish

The UCU Canons capped off their 2024 National Basketball League regular season with a resounding 73-49 victory over the relegated Ndejje Angels at YMCA Court in Wandegeya. This victory not only secured their fifth-place finish but also highlighted their formidable presence as they gear up for the playoffs.

Early Struggles and Turnaround

Despite a strong start from Ndejje Angels, who led 19-14 after the first quarter, their momentum faltered as the game progressed. UCU Canons seized control in the second quarter, outscoring Ndejje 21-10, thus establishing a 33-29 lead by halftime. This turnaround underscored UCU’s ability to adapt and dominate on both ends of the court.

Key Players Shine

Norbert Okidi led the charge for UCU with an impressive 14 points, supported by Jimmy Otim and Lwabaga Ibanda contributing 12 and 10 points respectively. Alier Pech Jongroor’s commanding presence on the boards, grabbing 14 rebounds, underscored UCU’s dominance in rebounding, outclassing Ndejje 60-45 in total rebounds.

For the Angels, Bolton Rujumba showcased resilience with 12 points and an outstanding 21 rebounds, while Cikom Monybai and Haron Arinaitwe added 11 and 10 points respectively. Despite their efforts, Ndejje struggled to maintain consistency against UCU’s relentless pressure.

Looking Ahead: Playoffs and Beyond

With this victory, UCU Canons secure a pivotal fifth-place finish in the regular season standings, setting the stage for a compelling playoff run. They are slated to face the formidable KCCA Panthers in the upcoming playoffs, promising an exciting clash on the court.

Meanwhile, Ndejje Angels, relegated to Division One next season alongside Power, are poised to regroup and aim for a swift return to the top tier. Their experience this season, though challenging, provides valuable lessons and motivation for the future.

Playoff Lineups

Women’s Bracket

  • JKL Lady Dolphins (1) Vs UPDF Lady Tomahawks (8)
  • UCU Lady Canons (2) Vs Magic Stormers (7)
  • KIU Rangers (3) Vs Miracle Ravens (6)
  • KCCA Leopards (4) Vs JT Lady Jaguars (5)

Men’s Bracket

  • City Oilers (1) Vs Kampala Rockets (8)
  • KIU Titans (2) Vs JT Jaguars (7)
  • Nam Blazers (3) Vs Our Saviour (6)
  • KCCA Panthers (4) Vs UCU Canons (5)


  • Norbert Okidi led UCU Canons with a game-high 14 points, showcasing scoring prowess and leadership on court.
  • Alier Pech Jongroor made a significant impact with 14 rebounds, underscoring UCU’s dominance in the paint.
  • Bolton Rujumba stood out for Ndejje Angels with 12 points and an impressive 21 rebounds, demonstrating resilience throughout the game.
  • UCU out-rebounded Ndejje 60-45, highlighting their superior performance on the boards and overall team effort.

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