Simbas Ready for Battle: Coach Jerome Names Squad for Rugby Africa Cup

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Coach Jerome announces squad for Rugby Africa Cup in Uganda.
First match against Senegal on 20th July.
Squad includes experienced players and new talents.
Tournament runs from 18th to 29th July.

Coach Jerome Unveils Squad for Uganda Trip

In a highly anticipated announcement, Coach Jerome Paarwater revealed the squad set to travel to Uganda for the Rugby Africa Cup. Scheduled from 18th to 29th July, this tournament represents a significant challenge and opportunity for Kenya’s national rugby team, the Simbas. The first match, against Senegal on 20th July at 12:00 pm EAT, is particularly critical, given Senegal’s previous victory over Kenya in Nairobi two years ago.

Facing a Formidable Opponent

Coach Jerome acknowledged the tough road ahead, especially considering Senegal’s prowess. “Despite limited preparation time, the players are motivated and ready to face the challenge. We aim to give our best as the last time the Simbas won the Africa Cup was in 2013,” he stated, emphasizing the team’s determination.

The Traveling Squad

The squad announced by Coach Jerome is a mix of experienced players and emerging talents, all poised to make an impact:

  • Ephraim Oduor
  • Edward Mwaura
  • Eugene Sifuna
  • Teddy Akala
  • Griffin Musila
  • Wilhite Mususi
  • Hillary Mwanjilwa
  • Hibrahim Ayoo
  • Clinton Odhiambo
  • Hillary Odhiambo
  • Malcolm Onsando
  • George Nyambua
  • Thomas Okeyo
  • Obat Kuke
  • Jeanson Musoga
  • Elkeans Musonye
  • Michael Wanjala
  • Samson Onsomu
  • Barry Young
  • Beldad Ogeta
  • Derrick Ashihundu
  • Walter Okoth
  • Paul Mutsami
  • Richel Wagila
  • Bryceson Adaka
  • Timothy Okwemba
  • Alfred Orege
  • Abdultwalib Wesonga

Non-Travelling Reserves:

  • Francis Atiti
  • Amos Obae
  • Dan Angwech
  • Tyson Maina
  • Griffin Chao
  • Quinto Ongo

Technical Team:

  • Head Coach – Jerome Paarwater
  • Team Manager – Jimmy Mnene
  • Physio – Stephen Mankone

Strategic Preparations and Key Players

Coach Jerome underscored the significance of the opening match against Senegal and the importance of maintaining high performance throughout the tournament. The squad features notable inclusions, such as Thomas Okeyo, returning to the national team after last playing in the 2023 Currie Cup tournament. Additionally, experienced player Malcolm Onsando is expected to play a pivotal role during the competition.

“We had two alignment games, and fortunately, the players have been active in the Kenya Cup and Rugby Super Series. I have confidence in the boys ahead of the tournament,” Coach Jerome expressed, reflecting his faith in the team’s readiness.

A Mix of Veteran Presence and Fresh Talent

The Simbas’ roster represents a blend of seasoned veterans and promising newcomers. This combination is designed to balance experience with youthful energy, providing the team with a dynamic edge. Players like Ephraim Oduor and Edward Mwaura bring valuable experience, while young talents such as Eugene Sifuna and Teddy Akala offer fresh enthusiasm and potential.

Anticipating a Competitive Tournament

The Rugby Africa Cup, to be held at Mandela National Stadium, is set to be a fiercely competitive tournament. Teams across the continent will vie for supremacy, and the Simbas are keen to make a strong statement. The tournament’s schedule from 18th to 29th July 2024, promises an intense series of matches, with the Kenyan squad aiming to reclaim their former glory.

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