TPLB’s Strategic Approach to Enhancing the 2024/25 League Season

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  • TPLB prioritizes stakeholder-friendly 2024/25 league fixtures.
  • Amendments to league regulations based on stakeholder feedback.
  • Capacity-building workshops planned for league management.
  • Successful completion of previous season highlighted by TPLB CEO.

Prioritizing Stakeholder-Friendly Fixtures

The Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) is taking significant steps to ensure the 2024/25 league fixtures cater to the needs of all stakeholders. TPLB Chief Executive Officer, Almasi Kasongo, emphasized the importance of a well-structured fixture list, highlighting its role in aiding clubs, players, and other football stakeholders in their preparations for the upcoming season.

“Fixtures serve as a crucial planning tool for the TPLB, clubs, players, and all associated stakeholders. A well-designed fixture list enables everyone to prepare effectively for the season ahead,” stated Kasongo during a recent briefing in Dar es Salaam. He stressed that creating a stakeholder-friendly fixture requires thorough analysis to ensure it meets the needs of everyone involved.

Amendments to League Regulations

In addition to refining the fixture schedule, the TPLB is set to implement amendments to certain league regulations. Kasongo explained that the board welcomes feedback from stakeholders at the end of each season, using these insights to improve the league’s regulatory framework.

“We have received various suggestions from stakeholders on areas needing improvement. Our team is currently reviewing these proposals, and we will soon announce the amendments for the upcoming season. Our goal is to ensure no stakeholder is left behind,” Kasongo noted.

Capacity-Building Workshops

The TPLB is also planning capacity-building workshops for key groups involved in league management. These workshops are designed to update and enhance the skills of match commissioners, general coordinators, referees, and club information officers. Kasongo underscored the importance of these sessions in keeping up with the evolving nature of the football industry.

“The football industry is dynamic, and it is essential to keep all involved parties updated with the latest developments. These capacity-building sessions are crucial for maintaining high standards and adapting to changes,” he said.

Reflecting on the Previous Season

Reflecting on the previous season, Kasongo expressed satisfaction with its successful completion. He praised the board’s ability to adhere to the regulatory timeline, starting the season in August and concluding it in May, as per the established guidelines.

“Completing the season as scheduled is a significant achievement for us. Additionally, our partners fulfilled their contractual obligations, ensuring that teams traveled to match venues without any issues,” Kasongo remarked.

Ensuring a Successful 2024/25 Season

The TPLB’s efforts to enhance the 2024/25 league season are comprehensive, focusing on creating a fixture list that benefits all stakeholders, amending regulations based on stakeholder feedback, and conducting capacity-building workshops. These measures reflect the board’s commitment to continuous improvement and its proactive approach to addressing the evolving needs of the football community.

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