Jinja SS Cricket Oval to host second Red-Ball Four Day Match

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By Kirunda Wycliffe 


Team Itanda Vs Team Busowoko


Jinja SS Cricket Oval, Jinja City

Day and Time

Monday 26th December -29th December 2022 from 10:30AM-6:30PM 

After taking a break of three days, Red-ball Four Day Match is set to resume tomorrow 26th December 2022 at Jinja SS Cricket Oval with Team Itanda taking on Team Busowoko in a four day match.

Once again the young cricketing talent in the area will don the whites as they play a long version of cricket that will be played for a number of four days.

Despite many of the players complaining about the cricket format which they are not used too, some revealed how it’s good for their cricket careers as it helps them shape and practice more on how to stay on the crease.

There were a number of notable performances from some of the players such as Eddy Agaba, Steven Wabwose, Mulongo Paul and Cymprus Igulu who went to post half centuries during the first Four Day Match that was played from Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd December 2022.

Team Itanda comes to this Four Day Match with a 1-0 lead against Team Busowoko and with its nature of players, they are very positive and ready to stretch the lead to 2-0.

The second Four Day match might see a number of players who never engaged in the first Four Day Match playing due to their presence and it could be one to watch on how they go about it.

All will be set and to play for as the second Red-Ball Four Day match takes shape on boxing day at Jinja SS Cricket Oval.

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