Jubilation as BUFHS third year students lift this year’s sporting trophy

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By Jimmy Patrick Alunyo

Students at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Busitema University-Mbale campus (BUFHS), on saturday 29th May 2021 held their yearly sports competition at Mbale Municipal Grounds. A number of sports were played including football, volleyball, netball, track and field and year three students were the victors. Last year’s event did not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The third year students earned the campus bragging rights in this year’s competition by collecting a total of 160 cumulative points across all the events to finish ahead of the other years. The students were pitted against each other with everyone supporting their class, throughout the entire afternoon. Points were tallied in the various categories of sports the students clashed in to determine the winner.

Third years scored a total of 160 cumulative points and came in number one, followed by the first years who defied the odds to finish as first runners up in the second position with 130 points. Second year students took the third position with 115 points, the fourth years came in fourth position with a total of 100 cumulative points and lastly the fifth years finished top from the bottom with 95 points. Mr Oscar, the custodian handed over the winner’s trophy.

Sport activities are part of our educational curriculum and as the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is an important part of the student’s life as it provides the mental and physical health required to endure learning and builds a sense of community within the students, otherwise pure academics would be pretty boring and hectic without any sporting events. Many a time, students’ sporting talents remain unused because of the linear focus of academics. The Busitema University administration should be lauded for supporting this endeavour and kudos to all winners.

Individuals were rewarded in the following categories;

Outdoor games

Volleyball  MVP – Okello Lucky Patrick Year 3

Football MVP- Otim Godfrey Year 1

Athletics 100m- Gawola Timothy Year 3 and ladies Nakato Gloria Year 4

Weight lifting- Namugi Herbert Year 3

Shot Put- Namugi Herbert

Overall winners Year 3

Indoor Games

Chess- Chemutai Tonny Year 2

Draughts- Opendi Felix Year 3

Scrabble- Shabomwe Rogers Year 5

Darts- Otim Tonny Year 3

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