Lady Cranes 15 member team selected for the second camp in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers

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By Ali Mutanje

A 30 woman squad of the lady Cranes players has been selected and named by Uganda lady Cranes 15s coach Leonard Lubambula. 

The squad has been selected from the 32 that were called to the first camp in Jinja for the played trial games. 

The players are now part of the Uganda National rugby 15s women’s team. The players were carefully scouted from the regional league competitions that were played in April. 

The players consist of a contingent from Northern, Eastern and Central Uganda. 

The team is to prepare for the 2022 qualifiers of the World Cup. Head coach, Leonard Lubambula said

“The selected 30 players are going to drive us to the set goal for this year’s campaign. The team is a mixture of experienced and new players which gives a solid step into next year’s 2022 campaign that starts the rugby World Cup cycle”

The selected players are: 


1.Patricia Anek-Kitgum queens

2.Peace Mirembe -Black Pearls

3.Lyton Nakabugo -Thunderbirds

4.Faith Namugga -Avengers

5.Doreen Sijali-Avengers  

6.Salamusida -Black Pearls

7.Yvonne Najjuma-Thunderbirds

8. Adongpiny mercy -Kitgum

9. Winnie Atyang-Thunderbirds 3days

10.Lydia Namabiro-B Pearls

11.Teddy Iwutung-Thunderbirds

12.Zauma Nashuha-Mbale

13. Maimuna Nasozzi – Avengers

14.Peace Lekuru-Avengers

15. Charity Atimango- Thunderbirds

16. Sarah Kirabo – Avengers

17. Ayot Mary Gloria- Black Pearls

18. Angel Zziwa – Avengers


1.Masitula Nambozo-Mbale

2.Racheal Mufuwa -Black Pearl

3. Rita Naddunga

4.Julie Nandawula-Avengers

5.Asha Nakityo-Thunderbirds

6.Kwagala Diana-Black Pearls Friday

7.Winnie Nabulo-Thunderbirds

8.Christine Akello-Avengers

9.Grace Auma – Black Pearls

10. Samiya Ayikoru – Thunderbirds

11. Nakuya Agnes – Thunderbirds

12. Charlotte Mudoola T – BP


Coach Leo Lubambula

Coach Ben Kigongo

Dr Nelson Mayeku

TM Racheal B.Kakaire

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