Mbale cleric wants Mbale Municipal Stadium renamed

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By Morris Rawal

Residents plant grass at the Mbale Stadium pitch

In order to honor the late Obote II, ex-Minister Masette Kuuya; the Bishop of the Mbale Diocese, has requested the government to renovate the Mbale municipal stadium and rename it Masette Kuuya.

At the Mbale Municipal Stadium in Mbale City, during a holy mass prayer for the fallen Kuuya’s body, John Wilson Nandaa delivered the announcement.

He claims that since Kuuya advocated for the stadium’s construction in 1985, when he served as the Obote II administration’s minister of rehabilitation, the building has been neglected.

He also lashed out at the current administration for neglecting to fix the stadium.

The stadium would be renamed Masette Kuuya stadium after his burial, according to Kasimu Namugali, the mayor of Mbale City, as a way to honor the outstanding work he did while serving as a minister by advocating for the stadium.

Meanwhile, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, a member of parliament for the Sironko district’s Budadiri West Constituency, promised to donate Shs50 million to renovate the Mbale Municipal Stadium.

He invited other political figures to follow in his footsteps so that Mbale Stadium could look attractive while they awaited government action.

A teacher by profession and a holder of PhD in Economics, Kuuya was also the Mbale South lawmaker between 1980 and 1985. 

When Obote was toppled in 1985, Kuuya fled to neighboring Kenya and stayed there until his death.

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