Mid-Season Analysis of the Rugby Premier League: Heathens and Mongers

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By Ali Mutanje 

The rugby league is half way through the season and fans can only sit back and watch action unfold as the league shapes up to mouth watering final fixtures that will have a big impact at the top half of the table. In the last article of this series, we analysed Kobs,Pirates and Hippos. 

Today, we take a look at Heathens and Mongers performance Currently, they lie in fourth and fifth positions respectively. Dive in; 


The champions dramatically dropped from second to fourth after losing 19-11 to Kobs in the Lions Cup on 10th April. A win would have taken them to the summit of the table and probably rendered the season as good as done. 

The loss to Kobs meant the Black Pirates were back into the title race with Hippos joining in the drama. 

Heathens started the season with a big win against fellow big hitters Pirates and had many thinking they would go unbeaten like they did last season. However, their inconsistency in previous games shows there’s an opportunity for a new winner in the championship this season. Looking ahead,  they have faced two of their title challengers Pirates and Kobs and a win against Hippos with hope that the teams above them will drop points against each other which will propel them back to the summit of the table.  

Heathens face Warriors in their next match on 17th April 2021. They will hope to get back to winning ways against the only team with no win in the league so far.. 


The Mongers are fifth on the table. Three wins and two losses in five games is a decent record. 

Warriors, Rhinos and Buffaloes have all lost to the Mongers this season. 

Their two losses came against teams above them. Hippos and Pirates. This means they have established themselves strongly as a mid table team and now need to break through to the top half of the table. If they maintain their consistency beating teams below them, they can build on that to finish in higher places next season. 

Andrew Olweny is their go to man for tries and Adrian Wasswa will have to continue with the penalty kicks. The two will be tasked to continue their consistent form in the season if the Mongers are to maintain their decent form and position on the table. 

They face Rams in their next fixture and are expected to win against the second last team on the table with one bonus point for the season. 

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