Mouth-watering netball Round of 16 clash stretches to the last day of the 20th Edition of Health Institutions Games

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By Moses Perez.

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Day two of the ball games was full of Spikes, shorts, and throws for all the ball games, whistleblowing from several courts that some players got mistaken by the whistles from the nearby Court of Volleyball, Netball, or Handball. 

On the netball court, group matches pushed the day to 5 pm to determine those that had qualified for the Round of 16.

The men finished their group matches earlier than the women.

In group A, Kampala University and Hoima came through, Group B had Jinja School of Nursing and Kagando Nursing. Group C had Mildmay and Bwindi.

Group D brought Gulu COHES and Fort Portal COHES.

group E had UIAHMS and Masaka while Group F had Kitovu and Mbale COHES as qualified teams.

From the 6 groups, all the 16 teams could not be determined so the other 4 had to be picked from the best losers, considering the number of wins, goals scored, and those against. Villa maria, Kampala school of health sciences, Kagando Medical Lab and Ishaka qualified for the Round of 16.

On the women’s side, Uganda Christian Institute and Kagando qualified in group A, Group B had St. Francis and Kabale Comprehensive Nursing, UIAHMS and Bwera qualified in group E, group D had Kuluva and Mildmay, in group C; Gulu SOCO and Butabika qualified and in group F Jinja School of Comprehensive Nursing.

The officials found it hard to determine the other four teams to make up for the last 16, by close of day only three were determined and included; Kampala University, IUIU, and Hoima.

The challenge to determine the 16th team was difficult and it all rotated around three teams of Soroti School of Comprehensive Nursing who had one win and a small loss difference at 37/59 equaling a ratio of 0.627.

The other two were Villa Maria with also one win and a difference at 30/32 giving a ratio of 0.937, Bwindi had 19/84 giving a ratio of 0.226.

The Boys’ fixtures

Kagando Nursing   Vs   UIAHMS

Bwindi vs   Jinja School of Nursing                           

Fort Portal COHES   vs  Kampala School of Health Science                 

Masaka Comprehensive  vs   Kitovu          

Mbale COHES     vs Mildmay

Kagando Med. Lab  vs  Gulu COHES

Ishaka    vs  Kampala University

The tournament is expected to end today at 4 pm and shall be graced by the Sports Minister, Hon. Peter Ogwang. 

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