Mujib Kasule cries foul in the FUFA presidential nomination process, runs to court.

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By Alex Bossa

Mujib Kasule has finally opened up on why he decided to boycott the nomination process for the Federation of Uganda Football Association general election due to take place in August.

While addressing listeners on a local radio station, the Proline Football Academy director cited greed and corruption as the main reasons he decided to boycott and proceed with a petition to court.

The ex- international said, “I did not withdraw from the race as it is claimed but rather boycotted because the federation had blocked us from getting the signatures.”

Mujib claims that as an administrator, Magogo used the federation resources to entice all regional candidates into nominating him way back in April before the nomination process had started. The corrupted delegates had no choice to sign on the forms thereby blocking the other nominees since each delegate is not allowed to nominate more than one candidate.

“There are three categories (regional delegates, Uganda Premier League clubs and special interest groups) where we are required to at least get a signature but all were compromised, save for the Uganda Premier League category where most of the clubs feel oppressed”. Mujib continued to explain.

As per the FUFA regulations on nominations, a candidate is required to be nominated by at least one region from the 8 regions and that region’s CEO and director must be signatories on the nomination forms. Mujib explained that this category was the first to be blocked as all the delegates from the 8 regions were promised support during the delegates elections in April in exchange of their signatures.

For the special group category, Mujib explained that these are FUFA employees and none was willing to give up his job in favor of nominating him. It is still under the FUFA regulation for a candidate to at least get some one person to nominate them under the special interest group.

It is believed that the incumbent has been using such tactics to keep away his opponents since 2013 when he first acquired the seat from Lawrence Mulindwa who had stepped down.

Going into the 2013 elections, the federation decided to introduce a parameter of seven years in football management for one to become the federation president. This kicked out all the parties that had expressed interest in the presidency thus declaring Eng. Moses Magogo the new president, replacing former boss Lawrence Mulindwa.

Knowing that Mujib had the 7 years’ experience required, the federation had to change tactics to qualifications and delay Mujib from submitting his nomination forms in time in 2017. Again, Magogo was declared the FUFA president.

As the going goes once bitten, twice shy, Mujib has decided not to waste time in search of the signature after the federation decided to shift the 14 days required by candidates to solicit for signatures to 2 days. Instead, he decided to petition court and it is yet to be determined if his petition will be deemed acceptable or not.

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