NamBlazers mercilessly sweep KCCA panthers to storm semis| Uganda National Basketball League Playoffs 

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By Stewart Anyewi

NBL Playoffs


KCCA Panthers 57-80 Nam Blazers

It was again usual business for the Blazers as they just subjected KCCA Panther to another beating.

After falling short to the Blazers in the first game of the playoffs, with Amisi Saidi doing the most damage to their defense, they came back with a plan to win this game to make it 1-1.

In the first period, Deng Dikong opened up the floodgates that edged the Panthers with a three-pointer, an early reminder to the Panthers that the game was on.

Emmanuel Odongkara with a layup and another two layups from Martin Ouma as proof to the Blazers that this time round they had come to take this win.

Panther’s worst nightmare, Amisi Saidi with a layup as he powered through their defense, this wouldn’t stop Wilson Otwenyo from striking with a jump shot for three.

Deng Dikong with another jump shot for three making an 8-8 tie.

At this point of the game, Panthers looked like they had gained the muscle to hold the Blazers.

Tueny Mabor with a double layup streak for the Panthers seemed like come back but the hungry Blazers with Amisi Saidi coming in with a layup, Ariel Okall with a jump shot for two as Kenneth Wachira sealed the quarter with a layup making it 14-17 in favor of the Blazers.

The second period had the Panthers’ side more dominant and had to make the Blazers fall short at end of the quarter with 14-13 and subsequently 28-30 at halftime with the Blazers having errors with their handles and timing that limited them in the quarter.

With enough time in the locker for revision, the Blazers came back stronger and seemed a rough path for the Panthers in the third quarter.

NamBlazer’s trio Ariel Okall , Deng Dikong, and Amisi Saidi were just at the peak of their performances as they served Panthers with hot layups, dunks, and jump shots that had them sweep the third quarter with 27 points.

The final quarter had the Panthers looking for a comeback with Daniel Ojoro delivering a layup, and Daniel Manojo with a layup for the Blazers to match the energy.

Martin Ouma with another layup and a jump shot from Leo Gilabi was proof that the Kcca side was in the game but would not last for long as Ariel Okall came flying in with a dunk, Collins Kasuja with a layup as Daniel Ojoro come back for the panthers with a jump shot.

Daniel Manojo and Ariel Okall the doctor were out to devour the Panthers, coupled with Deng Dikong with another jump shot for three having the game at 53-70 with a few minutes to the end.

Daniel Gaaki with a beautiful setup shot and Victor Alleni’s layup could not stop the blazers as Peter Obleng , Daniel Manojo came in for a perfect finish ending it 57-80  marking another win for the Blazers.

Ariel Okall with 17 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists was the man with the hot hands, it was also an exciting appearance for Peter Obleng with 6 points and 2 rebounds.

NamBlazers are now 2-0 in the series ahead of KCCA Panthers and this will be easy for them to move up to the semi-finals.

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