Netball, Politics and the UPDF meet at Crossroads

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By Ali Mutanje


The Uganda Netball Federation has been under the steady hand of Susan Anek who is its outgoing President. 

The association, especially the She Cranes have only relied on government funding over the past years and this has hindered the development of local leagues and young talent. 

Teams like Prisons can be seen recalling retired players to feature in the league. This is a weakness that clearly shows lack of preparation for the future. Contestants for the Presidency have targeted such weaknesses as campaign manifesto basis for different posts.

The Politics… 

The Uganda Netball Federation electoral commission is in preparations for elections of President, Vice President-admin, Vice President-Technical, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Secretary. 

Led by Annet Nakamya, the commission completed the process of  approval of three candidates on Friday. Sarah Kityo will face two other opponents in Jocelyn Ucanda and Christine Nampijja. This is in preparation for elections that will take place on June 5th, 2021. 

Due to the existing problems in the sport, the contestants so far have promised to lobby for sponsors for the game. 

Some have pledged to target companies that deal in female products since netball is heavily dominated by females. 

They have all hinted on sponsorship which doesn’t come as a surprise. 

And the UPDF…

Flavia. Ring a bell? Flavia Byekwaso? Anything? Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso, yes, the spokesperson of Uganda People’s defense forces is in the running too. 

She wants to be the next Vice President of the Uganda Netball Federation in charge of administration. She faces competition from Annet Byekwaso who is vying for the same post.

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