New date confirmed for the Warriors vs Hippos clash

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The game that was to be played on the opening day of the new season, 6th March 2021, was cancelled by Uganda Rugby Union because the host venue, Legends Rugby Grounds was not available for use by the two teams. 

The match will be played on Friday 2nd april 2020 at the same grounds as scheduled before. 

The Uganda Rugby Union confirmed the date and assured stakeholders the league will go on as proposed since the scheduled date is on Easter weekend which had been left without games in the initial program. The league is scheduled to end on 8th May 2020.

Games of the week: 20th March 2021

Mongers vs Warriors 4:00 pm Entebbe

Pirates vs Impis 4:00 pm King Park

Rams vs Heathens 4:00 pm Makerere

Kobs vs Buffaloes 4:00 pm Legends

Hippos vs Rhinos 3:00 pm Dam Waters

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