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By Jimmy Patrick Alunyo

The FUFA Big League climaxed yesterday with four teams failing to make the cut for next season’s Big League competition as they were relegated to the regional league.

In the Elgon Group, Mbale Heroes who needed to pick up a win in their last game of the season yesterday, failed to make the cut after drawing against Kataka FC. The same applies to Paidha Black Angels who ended the season with only seven points and lost to Arua Hill yesterday by 4:0.

In the Rwenzori Group, Kigezi Home Boyz who were defeated by Tooro United 1:0 were also demoted as well as Terrazzo and Tiles who were beaten by Nyamityobora 2:0.

But with FUFA cancelling the regional league this season due the increasing coronavirus cases in the country and also citing difficulties in how to organise those matches, it remains to be seen if the four teams i.e. Paidha Black Angels, Mbale Heroes, Terrazzo and Tiles, and Kigezi Home Boyz will be allowed to compete for next season’s Big League as there will be no candidate promoted from the regional league for next year’s Big League.

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