Rugby tackles COVID 19 restrictions to bounce back to the sports scene.

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The rugby fans will remember Saturday 6th 2021 as the day that rugby showed its face from the shadow of COVID 19 in Uganda. It has been a long long time without tackled players in the air, bended lineouts, obstructions, and sinful knock-ons. But this and much more will soon be expected every week as the rugby season kicks off this Saturday. 

Or should I say re-kicks off?

And yes, the players are expected to be off their game. The volume of the rustiness of the teams,  after a year without any competitive game will most likely guarantee fun and enjoyment for the fans. 

The Uganda Rugby Union has announced a 9 weekend long single round robin format competition that will have no relegation for the bottom team at the end of things. Less serious and more fun. 

Watch out for this rugby return. It most likely will come with many surprise and shock performances. The rust on the players, the huge and multiple transfers amongst the teams, and the chill you expect when there is no relegation. 

Welcome back Rugby!

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