Rugby Union to award Man of the Match players with medals

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By Ali Mutanje 

The Rugby Union has informed all Rugby stakeholders about the arrangement in place to award outstanding players per game with medals which are under procurement. 

The Rugby Union has placed match commissars at every match and they have noted every man of the match from games past. They will receive their awards on April 17th 2021. 

Selected MOTM from past game weeks; 

Week 1

▪️Rhinos vs Kobs- Pius Ogena

▪️Heathen s vs Pirates- Aaron Ofoywroth

▪️Buffaloes vs Rams- Solomon Agany

▪️Impis vs Mongers- Timothy Luyirika

Week 2

▪️Buffaloes vs Heathens -Aaron Ofoyrwoth

▪️Rams vs Rhinos- Lubangakene Daniel

▪️Kobs vs Warriors- Joseph Aredo

▪️Hippos vs Impis- Maxwell Ebonga

▪️Pirates vs Mongers – Timothy Kisiga

Week 3

▪️Mongers vs Warriors- Jackson Waako

▪️Pirates vs Impis- Alex Aturinda

▪️Rams vs Heathens- Santos senteza

▪️Kobs vs Buffaloes-Josiah Ssempeke

▪️Hippos vs Rhinos- Maxwell Ebonga

Week 4

▪️Rhinos vs Mongers-Allan Olango

▪️Buffaloes vs Hippos- Ivan Makmot

▪️Kobs vs Rams- Karim Arinaitwe

▪️Heathens vs Impis-Jordan Bongomin

▪️Warriors vs Pirates – Alex Ssebaggala

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