Rumor has it that Khalid Aucho an enemy of the needle.

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By Alex Bossa

When Lord Kitchener sang about how painful the need was in his 1963 hit single “Qualified Physician”, few underrated his words but it seems Uganda Cranes solid rock midfielder Khalid Aucho felt victim of the size of the needle.

Last week wrote about how unwell the Misr Lel Makkasa midfielder was and that he was hospitalised.

As part of his treatment, the doctors prescribed injections as part of his dose on the road to recovery and the giant midfielder did not disobey the doctor’s instructions as he religiously sacrificed his skin for a few pinches.

As the local saying goes, “Scare doesn’t know a hero”, the pain asserted from the injections is what made Khalid feel like he would rather be kicked by Robbie Savage than going back for the small piece of metal.

Aucho who missed last weekend’s Misr Lel Makkasa’s 4-2 victory against Aswan SC was quick to warn his followers on how they should take Lord Kitchener’s words seriously. “ That look when the injection reaches to the brain but I am getting better now thanks to all your prayers guys love you more may Allah bless you more guys”. Aucho wrote on his facebook account.

It seems the injections have worked magic as the midfielder went ahead a few days later to post a picture of himself with a tag “It’s a new day with new vibe Allah 1st”. The Ugandan midfielder in the picture was in blue shorts with the chest left bare, displaying his six packs.

Here at would love to wish Khalid a faster and quick recovery.

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