Solidarity Cup 7s: Uganda to play South African teams in day 1 pool

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By Ali Mutanje 

The Uganda Rugby 7s team arrived in South Africa on Wednesday 6th May 2021. They will play their first tournament on Saturday 8th May 2021. 

Ahead of the games, today Friday 7th May 2021, team captains took a group photo before they can face off tomorrow. Present were; Micheal Wokorach(Uganda), Stephen Hunduza(Zimbabwe), Siviwe Soyizwapi(South Africa 1), Jeff Oluoch(Kenya) & Impi Visser(South Africa 2)

At 10:00 am, Uganda will face off with South Africa 1 in Pitch 1.The Uganda team will later play South Africa 2 team at 11:50 a.m still in pitch 1. They will conclude the day with a game against a third South African team called SAS 7’s. 

Results will be combined to come up with the day’s winner until the games resume tomorrow. An overall winner shall be selected by choosing the team with the most wins after all games have been played. 

The tournament has been organized to prepare teams for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics games. Uganda’s contingent includes James Odongo, Adrian Kasito, Kelvin Balagadde, Levis Ocen, Solomon Okia, Michael Wokorach, Aaron Ofoywroth, Joseph Aredo, Desire Ayera, Philip Wokorach, Timothy Kisiga, Ian Munyani, Isaac Massanganzira, Nobert Okeny, Byron Oketayot

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