South Sudanese footballer handed 24 months match ban after beating up match official

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By Morris Rawal

A young football player who reportedly assaulted a referee was given a two-year suspension.

Simon James, a player in the Yambio Local Football Association’s second level for Al Salam FC, received a 24-month suspension for his unsportsmanlike conduct.

He received a penalty for attacking Samen Makawa, an assistant referee, on December 17 during a match between Sporting Tiger and Al Salam.

After the final whistle, the suspended forward confronted and “insulted” the lineman, which prompted the referee’s involvement and the issuance of a red card for misconduct.

According to Elisa Kumbo Mukasi, the association’s secretary general, the player later attacked the referee, inflicting an ankle injury that he is still treating.

“After deliberations on the above findings, as per the attached report from the match, the organizing committee suspends Simon James from participating in any activity including training with any team in any playground for the period of two years,” read the order issued on December 19 and signed by Mukasi.

The decision also threatened severe repercussions on any team that would permit the suspended player to participate in football or other sports during this time.

In the meanwhile, Al Salam FC was fined SSP 18, 000, which will go toward the officials’ medical bills.

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