Table Tennis: Nekesa Irene rains terror on government for her underperformance in Turkey

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By Kamyuka Keneth

Uganda’s young star in the discipline of table tennis, Nekesa Irene commonly known as “Ivy” has called upon the government of the Republic of Uganda to provide facilities that will help the game to grow. 

While sharing to this web site her experience from the Islamic games that took place from 9th to 18th of August 2022 Iren says the Ugandan players are lacking exposure which  affected their performance.

“ The games were very good although we did not win. The government should make us exposed, our parents can at least provide us with a few things like shoes, the balls and other small things but can not afford to make us travel outside Uganda.  For the many tournaments I have competed in I have realized that as Uganda we are still behind when it comes to training facilities and these are the most challenging problems that are affecting table tennis.” said Nekesa.

The 19-year-old youngster is a product of Mbale Tigers club and  also plays on the Uganda national table tennis team.

While asked what is needed for the sport to develop in Uganda, coach Jude Mutete  the head coach Mbale Tiggers as well as the Uganda national table tennis team, says the game has to be funded since they are missing a lot as far as services.

“For every thing to develop needs funding, as Mbale Tigers, we have a lot that we are not having as far as services to facilitate the game. Like Tables and even the hall we are using for training is not for the club.” He revealed.

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Walid majid

I think Nekesa Irene z very right