Tables turn as KIU Titans outgun NamBlazers in the National Basketball League Playoffs.

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By Stewart Anyewi

The National Basketball League playoff semi-finals came back with a twist as KIU Titans edged Nam Blazers.

KIU in the first playoff game came short to the daring Blazers but however, the tables turned as they had a great comeback from the loss.

The Titans took over the game from the sound of the whistle taking advantage of the mistakes made by the Blazers that turned out to be an opportunity for them to strike.

By the end of the first quarter, the TTitans had 19-17 with a tiny margin for the Blazers to catch up.

The second period had the Titans much more in the game with Gaius Mahamba and Ater Mabeny doing the most, pulling them down the Blazers once again ending the quarter at 20-16 and subsequently 39-33 at half time.

With more time in the locker room, it was up to the Namuwongo side to come up with a strategy to finish off the already daring Titans.

The third quarter had the titans once again more swift as they put out the Blazer’s fire putting up a very daunting task for the Blazers to chase down the score.

A late comeback in the final quarter by the Blazers could not save them from the Titan’s wrath who had already had a firm start at the beginning of the game.

By the end of the final quarter, the Ymca court was already in pieces as the Titans returned to Kansanga victorious, and the Blazers suffered a disturbing 73 – 64 loss.

With a spirited fight,  the Blazers’ side was held together by Kenneth Wachiri 14 points /3 rebounds/2 assists, Amisi Saidi 14 points /9 rebounds, and Deng Dikong 14 points /7 rebounds /1 assist.

The Victorious titans collectively fought throughout this one with Gaius Mahamba 14 points/10 rebounds /2 assists, Isaiah Mabeny 13 points /3 rebounds, Fidel Okoth 10 points /11 rebounds.

Both teams are now tied 1:1 in the best of 5 series for the semi-finals, and all eyes are on who will come back stronger in the next game.

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