The Katende Brothers Miguel and Jonathan put in an outstanding performance in the National Motocross Championship round 4.

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By Edward Tumusiime

The tournament that took place on 30th May in Jamuhuri Kenya was the fourth round of the National Motocross Championship organized by the Motorcycle Sports Federation of Kenya.

Only the Lato Milk Katende Brothers Miguel and Jonathan featured as guests from Uganda.

Jonathan competed in both Mx50 and Mx65 with a major focus on Mx 50 as they have started preparing him for Mx50 in the Motocross of  African Nations (MXOAN) race to be hosted by Uganda in August this year.

He Only did 3 laps of official practice,  in heat one he finished 3rd behind Gisa Benzinge and Thuku Waweru both 8yrs old, the same as Jonathan.

In the second heat, Jonathan made an error that cost him a podium, he fell but he managed to chase and finished 4th.

In the third heat Jonathan had a good start, he crossed the first corner 3rd and overtook Thuku in the very corner.

 After a lap, he had gotten used to the track and adjusting to the bike which enabled him to overtake Gisa. 

But the two Kenyan aces never gave up and continued chasing him like a thief however he could contain pressure.

With 3 laps to go, Gisa tried to close him and noticed Jonathan’s weakness because he was slow in the rollers, however, he tried his best not to make any errors. 

Gisa tried to go flat out on the rollers and he didn’t survive and crashed. Then Thuku closed Jonathan immediately.  Jonathan clicked very quickly that he had another attack. Thuku tried to utilise the traffic being overlapped to pass Jonathan but Jonathan displayed aggression and manoeuvred the traffic and hit the second last jump flat out to save his position.

He managed to win the last heat that was extremely competitive.

Miguel had a bad start in the Mx65 in the morning hours. The footrest fell off and he had to go slow. That’s something that had never happened to the Katende brothers. 

The manager reported that the footrests were checked and were fine even at scrutineering though he noted that either it could have been the pin that didn’t have a lockdown under and they didn’t notice that or it got broken. 

Miguel managed to ride slowly and finished 9th.

The issue was sorted and Miguel went for heat two.  He had a bad start, he chased and collected one by one till he got to Lewis Ogonyi whereby he could pass Lewis on a jump next to the rollers and then Lewis retaliate in the rollers. Like Jonathan, Miguel was also slow in the rollers.

Wahome won heat one and two with Lewis finishing second.

Miguel managed to finish third in the second heat.

The final heat was a spectacular one where Miguel got into the first corner fourth behind the champion in that class and Lewis was ahead of Wahome with John leading. The four went neck to neck for two laps. Lewis raced past John and in the 3rd lap, Miguel passed both Wahome and John and went for Lewis.

According to his manager he had briefed him not to wait to overtake Lewis at the jump next to the rollers, he told him to make sure he passes him way far before the roller section so that by the time they get to the rollers, he would be out of them when Lewis closes and concluded telling to him to widen the gap the moment he is out of rollers before Lewis which Miguel exactly did.

Miguel made good timing at the pavilion jump and flew with aggression to pass Lewis. It was spectacular, he almost landed on him though.

He went into the next sharp corner first into hoops with a good rhythm, from that point, he extended the gap every lap till he was comfortable to let off.

When Miguel raced past Wahome, he looked to be riding under pressure which led him into a crash moments later. 

Miguel won the final heat with ease beating the best in Kenya.

He would have finished 3rd overall. But because he was riding as a guest, he did not appear in points scoring.

It was good gauging for him as he now knows he can contain the Kenyans during Motocross of African Nations (MXOAN) at home.

Great thanks go to the following Companies and people who did a great job in making sure that the boys made it to Kenya; Lato Milk, Team #28 and St Francis Junior School Buddo, Modest Associates and team #35, Worldwide Movers, Miss. Pearl, FMU (VP, DVP and Steven Okwonga), Worldwide Movers Africa, Goodluck Promotions and EAMSC.

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