The reason behind FUFA’s determination to push for the Uganda Premier League completion

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By Alunyo Jimmy Patrick

With all sport activities suspended for the next 42 days, and FUFA postponing all the eague fixtures until further notice. The speculation that FUFA is engaging the government to allow the federation finish the current campaign remaining fixtures in the league, Big League and Uganda Cup, have brought some bit of a mixed feeling among different groups.

Some sections of the public are convinced that with the Uganda Premier League remaining with only four games to finish, the league should be stopped and a 75% rule applied as it was done last year when Vipers won the championship. But why doesn’t FUFA share in this line of thought as proposed  by many football fanatics? Well we understand that last season when the league was halted with five games left to be played, it cost the league 10 percent of its  sponsorship money, and for this season FUFA is trying to avoid that loss this season.

The FUFA Deputy League CEO Mr. Decolas Kizza is still adamant and he had this to say in an interview, “We’ll cross the bridge when we get to it. We’re still handling a number of other implications of the directives”

In another statement, the League CEO Mr. Bernard Bainamani also in an interview revealed that they had to settle for a 10-percent reduction from the sponsors last season because the league didn’t conclude.

And according to him, this is one of the main reasons FUFA wants to explore the option of completion to avoid such losses. But the most important thing is to have champions and teams relegated declared sportingly. In case all of this fails, then the 75 percent rule can be used.

If the rule is to be used for this season again, it means that Express FC will be declared champions and the trio of Kyetume FC, MYDA FC, and the already relegated Kitara FC will be demoted to the Big League during next season.

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