Thunderbirds fail to strike first blood in seniors’ tier of Central region 10-a-side rugby tournament in Entebbe

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By Paul Ochie

“Did you know? Did you know?”

You probably did not. But its true that the Thunderbirds are probably the most decorated women’s rugby outfit in Uganda. You probably also do not know that at the height of the COVID19 pandemic when the URU called an end to all rugby leagues in the nation, the Thunderbirds were declared champions of the women’s league. They were doing well and it seemed right and fitting.

But you definitely know that these rugby women powerhouses were pooled together with the Avengers and the Black Pearls in Tier 1 of the Central region of a 10-a-side Women’s Rugby Tournament organized by URU as part of the process of determining the new champion of women’s rugby in Uganda this year. This tier was surely the senior’s tier of the day compared to Tier 2 which had the likes of the Lady Swans, the Blue Whales, the Ewes, and the Black Diamonds.

But how come the champion Thunderbirds could not strike anyone in their tier? That surely is the question of Sunday evening.

What we do know is that the champions lost both their games today finish bottom of the tier. It seemed unusual when they fell 05 : 35 to the Black Pearls in their first game of the day. But thereafter, you could say something was the matter when their second game ended 22 : 12 with a win to the Avengers. The Black Pearls finished on top of the tier at the end of first weekend day of the Central region games after also defeating the Avengers by 26 : 00.

We shall hold on to see how the champions will strike a comeback in the tier when the next round of games that will most likely be played next weekend take place.

For now, lets give you the results as they were in Tier 1

Thunderbirds 05 : 31 Black Pearls

Avengers 22 : 12 Thunderbirds

Black Pearls 26 : 00 Avengers

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