Uganda Volleyball Federation issues further guidelines on transfer engagements

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By Alex Bossa

The sports organising commission along with the secretariat on 30th March 2021 released further guidelines to guide clubs in the ongoing transfer season after a number of clubs submitted to the governing body for additional information on engagements that are required to be held between clubs prior to the completion of transfer of any player.

This comes after the assembly agreed to hold a special transfer to make up for the missed january transfer period. The special transfer period started on 15th march and will close on 15th April 2021.

In a letter referenced 06:/UVF/2021 and signed by the Uganda Volleyball federation General Secretary Mr. Godwin Ssennyondo,the following guidelines were stipulated;

The UVF regulations 2012, provide for negotiations/ engagements to first happen between the interested club and the home club of the targeted player.

Clubs are thereby cautioned to desist from submitting incomplete transfer forms having skipped the required first step of formal engagement. The federation shall not be used as an avenue  of facilitating these engagements which are expected to happen at the onset

The federation will only come in as an arbitrator where the two clubs have failed to agree after their respective engagements.

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