URA FC fails to beat SC Villa at home, spoils shared 

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By Isaac Emurang

URA FC failed to beat SC Villa at home as the two sides shared points in a one-all draw.

With a youthful Villa side, one would imagine URA is far better at the moment, but form and talent speak louder in modern football. 

SC Villa, the Jogos and URA FC played a cagey game in the opening 20 minutes of the game with URA’s backline very alert towards the threats from Villa.

URA FC’s custodian, Allionzi showed alertness in the game as Villa threatened the tax collectors in the opening 20 minutes.

Kalega was brought down and URA were awarded a free kick which was converted by Ibrahim Dada with a curly and beautiful set piece. 

SC Villa’s ascension to the game was slow although threats from Kakande, Charles Bbale were common place in the game. 

Villa kept pressing, their coach, Jackson Magera seemed unhappy from the touchline about how Villa’s centre backs were positioned in the game. 

In the 69th minute the centre referee Nabada awarded a penalty which was beautifully taken by Ivan Serubiri to level matters at 1-1. 

Both sides did not show alot of creativity in the second half and SC Villa especially seemed to settle for a draw given their slow momentum in attack.

A draw at Nakisunga today keeps SC Villa in the fourth place with 24 points while URA FC currently in the 11th with only 14 points in 13 games.  

Coach Sam Timbe should be careful because currently, the URA side is close to UPDF FC which has 10 points in the 12th position. 

Coach Jackson Magera is flourishing despite the club punishment from FUFA due to fan hooliganism. 

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