Vipers SC set to reap big in Ceaser Manzoki China deal

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By Morris Rawal

Reports have it that  Vipers SC and Dalian Pro FC have reached an agreement for Striker Ceaser Manzoki.

Manzoki will have a brief four-month work contract that will last until December 31.

According to reports, the Venoms would collect a whopping $400,000 for the MVP of the Uganda Premier League in 2021–2022.

The revelation occurs at a time when numerous reports connected the marksman, who was born in the Congo, to Tanzanian powerhouses Simba SC.

Many people asserted that Manzoki’s contract was set to end on October 31; however, others claimed that he had renewed for an additional two years and that the Venoms could only release him for the appropriate compensation.

The striker from the Central African Republic joined Kitende two years ago, and at the time of his departure, he had won both the 2020–21 Stanbic Uganda Cup and the 2021/22 UPL.

Manzoki has been given the responsibility of leading the team’s effort to achieve safety in the Chinese Super League.

Dalian has 12 points after 13 games and is presently ranked 14th out of 16 teams.

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