Vision WFC ran riot over St. Peters Apoi Girls FC in the FUFA Women Elite League

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By Edward Tumusiime

FT: Vision WFC 5-0 St. Peters Apoi Girls FC
Venue: FUFA Technical Centre Njeru

The Kitgum based Vision WFC didn’t find any hardship in collecting all the 3 points by beating St. Peters WFC 5-0 in their first game in group C.

It was the second game of the day and the second for group C in the ongoing FUFA Women Elite League.

Just 6 minutes into the game Vision WFC was already in a lead through Phiona Arach who made a perfect run past the rushing goal keeper Rebecca Auma to find the back of the net.

5 minutes later Farida Oyella doubled the lead with an easy finish just before Sharipher Atimango’s 18th minute finish from the left wing to give Visions WFC a 3 goal lead in the 18th minute.

In the 25th minute Captain Farida Oyella was in for her second goal of the day making it 4-0 for Vision WFC .

Oyella’s 25th minute goal was the last game of the first half and it ended 4-0 at halftime.

Second half was a period of transition where St. Peters managed to close the loopholes denying Vision WFC the scoring opportunities which was the case for the opening half of the game .

Although both teams had to hold onto the game denying scoring opportunities, St. Peters couldn’t withstand it anymore in the last minutes of the game and Sharripher Atimong found her second of the day to make it 5-0 against the  Apac based St. Peters Apoi Girls FC.

St.Peters WFC starting XI: 1.Alima, 2.Aol, 3-Akullu.V, 4-Shamurat, 5-Abonyo, 6-Akullu.T, 7-Ajok, 8-Akoa, 9-Akullu.S, 10-Aceng, 11-Ancom.

Substitutes: Akullu.G, Acola, Allim, Amule.

Vision WFC Starting Line-up: 1.Alum, 16-Amongin, 15-Anena, 4-Aciro, 5-Adongen, 7-Aneno, 14-Atim, 8-Akullu, 10-Arach, 9-Oyella, 11-Atimango.Substitutes: Oyella, Aber, Aloyo, Lakwot, Nakafero, Atimango.

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