Who do you think could be the MVP of Window 4 in the African Qualifiers? | FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 African Qualifiers

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The stakes will be high in the Second Round of the African Qualifiers which means the stars will have to step up in Window 4. Which star player do you think could be considered the MVP of these upcoming games?

Star to watch

Salah Mejri – Tunisia


Height: 217cm / 7’1″

June/July stats: 12.3 PTS, 9.3 REB, 1.3 STL, 3.3 BLK 66.7% 2PTFG in 33.3 minutes per game

The veteran 7-footer helped Tunisia to a 2-1 record in Window 3 earlier this summer, averaging nearly a double-double as well as more than 3 blocks per game. The 36-year-old did however miss all 11 of his three-point attempts in those three games. Tunisia will have three important games and Mejri’s experience will be very needed for the home team.

Jonathan Kuminga – DR Congo

Guard/Small Forward 

Height: 202cm / 6’8″

June/July stats: Did Not Play

Kuminga will be a major asset for DR Congo as the wing not only provides great energy and scoring ability as a 19-year-old but he also comes to Tunisia coming off winning the 2022 NBA title with the Golden State Warriors in his rookie season. That winning experience will be massively important. Kuminga will also be on a mission to take the next step in becoming a national hero – playing in the African Qualifiers alongside his brother Joel Ntambwe, who played last season in the NBA G-League.

Souleyman Diabate  – Côte d’Ivoire 

Point Guard

Height: 185cm / 6’1″

June/July stats: Didn’t play 

Diabate sat out the last qualifying window in his hometown of Abidjan, but he is back this time around. Arguably the most experienced player within the Elephants squad, Diabate may not be as aggressive offensively as he was a decade ago, but his basketball IQ remains a tremendous asset for the Ivorians. 

Jilson Bango  – Angola


DOB: June 6, 1999

Height: 208cm / 6’10”

June/July stats: 10.6 PPG, 8.6 RPG, 14 EFF

Bango is everything Angola’s former stars were not when they dominated the continent for almost two decades. He is tall, something the Angolans lacked for decades despite their success; his margin of progression remains unparalleled, and he tends to finish his shots with tremendous ferocity. Bango seems to be the right fit for Bruno Fernando, the first Angolan to play in the NBA, who is set to play for his country for the first time in six years.

Nuni Omot -South Sudan

South Sudan yearned for a stunning victory against giants Tunisia and Nuni Omot shouldered those ambitions into reality.

 The 27-year old forward was in hot red form, proving a constant threat on both ends of the floor as he scored a game-best 20 points, chipping in four of his six attempts on threes, and grabbing 4 rebounds for an Efficiency rating of 13.

 He gave in three assists and made sure his 2m06 stature came in handy grabbing three crucial defensive rebounds as well as matching up Tunisian veteran Ben Romdhane and limiting his influence. The Jobstairs 46’ers big man could be an influential figure in aiding South Sudan to extend their winning streak to three.

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