Why I left KCCA FC; Mike Mutebi speaks out

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By Alunyo Jimmy Patrick

 In the daily life of a manager the ability to be able to make technical decisions regarding how to manage and approach games tactically is paramount to his peace of mind and success.

So as Mike Mutebi parted company with bosses at KCCA, we take a look at what contributed to the end of their marriage.

KCCA through their official social media pages announced his exit to be out of mutual agreement but it seems there was something more to this that we didn’t know about.

Speaking to one of the media houses, Mutebi defended his record by lashing out at some of his former bosses at KCCA blaming them for the manner of his exit at the club. He alleged that there were a bunch of evil geniuses who knew nothing about football but were seeking glorification for some of his achievements that undermined his role.

Although he did not  mention names, Mutebi lashed out at some of his former bosses at KCCA blaming them for the manner of his exit at the club. “If they feel like good riddance then I wish them the same,” the outspoken Mutebi said.

“There are people who always want to act smart because every time there is success, everyone wants to own it and we have had those individuals who want to attract all the attention which is not right.”

“And I cannot allow someone to over step boundaries and try to influence my technical decisions, that’s impossible, because some of those people know zero football and do not understand the technical bit of affairs,” Mutebi mentioned.

When asked about some reported allegations implicating him of undermining the powers of his bosses at Lugogo with some citing incidences where the man stormed out of a meeting as they questioned him over some of the technical decisions.

In fact, that story claimed that such clashes nearly cost him his job at the start of the season but the KCCA board remained divided on whether they should sack him before eventually voting to keep Mutebi and see out the remainder of his contract.

But Mutebi denied such allegations saying that he has always maintained a good relationship with his bosses and has never walked out of a meeting with them. And this is what the man had to say, “My relationship with my bosses has always been about respect for duties and people. It has been a good and healthy relationship because everyone knew what their duties were,” he stated.

KCCA will kickstart the second half of the season with Mutebi’s former assistant Morley Byekwaso as the interim manager until the end of the season.

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