Umurenge Kagame Cup 2024: Rubengera and Murunda Triumph

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  • Rubengera and Murunda win Umurenge Kagame Cup.
  • Men’s final: Rubengera 2-0 Kimonyi.
  • Women’s final: Murunda 2-0 Mahembe.
  • Minister praises event; athletes shine in diversity.

Men’s Final: Rubengera 2-0 Kimonyi

In a thrilling climax to the 2024 Umurenge Kagame Cup, Rubengera emerged victorious against Kimonyi in the men’s final, showcasing resilience and determination amidst challenges. Despite an early setback with a player sent off in the 27th minute, Rubengera capitalized on opportunities to secure a 2-0 win. The match witnessed intense moments, with Rubengera’s defense holding firm against Kimonyi’s relentless attacks. The red card for a Kimonyi player further tilted the balance, ultimately leading to Rubengera’s triumph and the coveted title.

Women’s Final: Murunda 2-0 Mahembe

In the women’s category, Murunda demonstrated prowess and skill, overpowering Mahembe with a convincing 2-0 victory. The match highlighted Murunda’s dominance on the field, as they outmaneuvered their opponents with strategic plays and coordinated teamwork. Securing their first Kagame Cup trophy, Murunda’s performance underscored their dedication and talent in women’s football.

Celebrating Rwanda’s Sporting Spirit

The Umurenge Kagame Cup, an annual celebration of Rwanda’s people-centric leadership, showcased the nation’s commitment to sports excellence. Organized jointly by the Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Local Government, Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), and various sports federations, the tournament engaged athletes across eight disciplines, fostering camaraderie and competition.

Ministerial Commendation

Closing the event, Minister of Local Government, Jean Claude Musabyimana, praised the tournament’s success and emphasized its role in promoting good governance and citizen engagement. He highlighted the tournament’s significance in providing a platform for aspiring athletes to showcase their talents and contribute to the advancement of sports in Rwanda.

RGB’s Perspective

Usta Kaitesi, CEO of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), lauded Rwanda’s governance model, emphasizing the tournament’s role in promoting health, happiness, and community cohesion. Looking ahead, Kaitesi expressed commitment to enhancing future editions of the Umurenge Kagame Cup, promising an even more exceptional experience for participants and spectators alike.

Participant Stories

The 2024 Umurenge Kagame Cup concluded with Rubengera and Murunda emerging as champions in the men’s and women’s categories, respectively. Beyond the thrill of victory, the tournament epitomized Rwanda’s commitment to sports excellence, community engagement, and inclusive participation. 

Key performers 

  • Rubengera’s resilience led to victory despite a player sent off early; scored 2 goals.
  • Murunda showcased dominance with strategic plays, securing a 2-0 win.
  • Rosette Mukamutana, aged 67, awarded Best Combative Player, defying age stereotypes.
  • Nyaruguru district excelled in athletics with Young Niyonkuru winning men’s 100m.
  • Kamonyi dominated basketball, winning both men’s and women’s categories.

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