Zimbabwe’s Cricket Renaissance: Gweru’s Stadium Initiative

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ZC leases land for new cricket stadium.
Multi-purpose vision includes various facilities.
Milestone achieved, cricket expands to Midlands.
Mayor welcomes economic boost for Gweru.
Gweru prepares for global cricket tournaments.
Economic impact expected from major events

Sealing the Deal: ZC’s Long-Term Lease

Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) has taken a bold step forward by securing a long-term lease agreement with the City of Gweru to develop a new cricket stadium. Covering an expansive 10,446-hectare parcel of land in the Midlands capital, this groundbreaking agreement is set to span an impressive 99 years, laying the foundation for significant developments in the country’s sporting landscape.

Building Beyond Boundaries: A Multi-Purpose Vision

The proposed stadium is not merely a cricket venue; it’s a multifaceted complex designed to cater to various sporting and entertainment needs. ZC envisions state-of-the-art facilities, including spectator stands, a VIP pavilion, media center, corporate boxes, and accommodation facilities. Gweru Town Clerk Livingston Churu sheds light on the expansive nature of the project, revealing plans to accommodate a range of disciplines, from cricket to squash and tennis.

Milestone Achieved: ZC’s Perspective

Givemore Makoni, ZC’s Managing Director, expresses elation upon finalizing the lease agreement, heralding it as a significant milestone for cricket development. By bringing cricket to the Midlands province, ZC aims to fulfill its strategic objective of making cricket the nation’s premier sport. Makoni emphasizes the importance of expanding cricket’s reach to all corners of the country, with Gweru playing a pivotal role in achieving this ambitious goal.

Local Impact: Mayor’s Endorsement

City of Gweru Mayor Martin Chivhoko lauds the partnership with ZC as a game-changer for the Midlands capital. Beyond sports development, the mayor anticipates positive economic implications, including increased GDP and tourism revenue. With the prospect of hosting cricket matches drawing visitors to the city, Gweru stands to benefit economically from this transformative initiative.

Global Opportunities: Preparing for Major Events

The stadium project aligns with Zimbabwe’s preparations to co-host two prestigious global cricket tournaments: the ICC Under-19 Men’s Cricket World Cup 2026 and the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2027. Makoni highlights Gweru’s role as a practice venue for these events, underscoring the city’s importance in facilitating the successful execution of major international tournaments.

Economic Windfall: The Ripple Effect

Hosting major cricket events promises substantial economic benefits for Gweru and Zimbabwe as a whole. From increased tourism and accommodation demand to cultural exchanges and player interactions, the spin-off effects are expected to be significant.

About the lease

Zimbabwe Cricket secures 99-year lease with City of Gweru for new stadium development.
Agreement spans 10,446-hectare land, legally binding, promises lasting impact.
Multi-purpose stadium planned with spectator stands, VIP pavilion, media center, and more.
Gweru provides land, while ZC constructs state-of-the-art facilities, fostering sports growth.
Partnership crucial for bringing cricket to Midlands, aligns with ZC’s strategic objectives.
Lease facilitates economic growth, tourism, and positions Gweru for global cricket prominence.

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