NEC Triumphs Over Express FC in Uganda Premier League Clash

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NEC defeats Express FC in UPL clash.
Ssebaggala, Wagoina, and Rwothomio standout.
NEC rises to fifth in league standings.
Upcoming fixtures crucial for NEC’s success.

Express FC faced their 14th defeat of the season in a thrilling encounter against NEC in the Uganda Premier League (UPL) at Wankulukuku stadium. Despite their efforts, Express FC succumbed to a 2-1 loss against NEC, leaving fans disappointed yet again.

Enock Ssebaggala’s Early Strike
The match kicked off with an impressive start for NEC, with Enock Ssebaggala seizing an early opportunity to put the visitors ahead just five minutes into the game. His stellar performance throughout the match earned him the well-deserved title of Man of the Match. Ssebaggala’s goal set the tone for NEC’s determined display, catching Express FC off guard in the opening minutes.

Isaac Wagoina’s Response
Express FC swiftly responded to NEC’s lead within the next 15 minutes, as Isaac Wagoina successfully converted from the spot, leveling the score in the 19th minute. Wagoina’s contribution kept the hosts in the game, showcasing their determination to secure a positive result. His precision from the penalty spot instilled hope in the Express FC camp, sparking a renewed sense of vigor among the players.

Cromwell Rwothomio Secures Victory for NEC
However, Cromwell Rwothomio dashed Express FC’s hopes of a comeback by restoring NEC’s lead just before the hour mark. His decisive goal in the 57th minute ultimately sealed the victory for the visitors, securing three crucial points away from home. Rwothomio’s clinical finish highlighted NEC’s clinical prowess in front of goal, clinching a vital win in their quest for league success.

NEC’s Redemption and Standings
This victory marked a sweet revenge for NEC, who suffered a 5-2 defeat in their previous encounter with Express FC at home. The win propelled NEC past KCCA, claiming the fifth position in the league standings with just one game remaining in the season. NEC’s redemption against Express FC showcased their resilience and determination to compete at the highest level, solidifying their position among the top contenders in the league.

Impressive Season Performance
With 14 wins, six draws, and eight losses in 28 games, NEC has accumulated a total of 48 points in the league standings. Their impressive performance places them just two points behind defending champions Vipers, highlighting their competitive edge in the league. NEC’s consistent form throughout the season underscores their credentials as genuine title contenders, with their sights set on challenging for top honors.

Upcoming Fixtures
NEC’s journey in the league is not yet over, as they gear up to face title contenders SC Villa in their last league game on Saturday, May 18. Following this, they will shift their focus to the Stanbic Uganda Cup final against Kitara on Saturday, May 25, aiming to conclude the season on a high note. NEC’s upcoming fixtures present an opportunity to further cement their status as a dominant force in Ugandan football, as they strive for success on multiple fronts.

With crucial fixtures ahead, NEC aims to maintain their momentum and finish the season on a high, showcasing their prowess on the football pitch. As they continue to make strides in the league and cup competitions, NEC remains a team to watch, with their sights set on achieving greatness in Ugandan football.

Key moments

Enock Ssebaggala’s early goal at 5 minutes set the tone for NEC’s dominance.
Isaac Wagoina’s penalty leveled the score at 19 minutes, boosting Express FC’s morale.
Cromwell Rwothomio’s decisive goal at 57 minutes secured NEC’s victory away from home.
NEC avenged their previous 5-2 defeat against Express FC with a 2-1 win.
NEC’s win propelled them to fifth in the league standings with 48 points.
NEC faces SC Villa in their last league game and Kitara in the Uganda Cup final.

Photo by Kamau Toni

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