Burundi: Vital’O FC to represent the country in 2024/25 CCL

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Vital’O FC, the reigning champions of the 2023/2024 Burundi Primus Premier League, are set to represent Burundi in the prestigious 2024/2025 TotalEnergies CAF Champions League. Under the guidance of coach Parris Sahabo, the team secured the league title with an impressive performance throughout the season.

With a remarkable tally of 72 points from 30 matches played, Vital’O FC dominated the league standings, showcasing their strength and determination on the field. Despite facing tough competition, particularly from Flambeau du Centre who finished in second place with 69 points, Vital’O FC remained focused and resilient to emerge as the champions.

Coach Sahobo confirms readiness for continental showpiece

Coach Parris Sahabo expressed his elation at the team’s accomplishment, crediting their success to hard work and dedication. “We are very happy that after hard work throughout the season, we have lifted the title and can now play at the continental level,” Sahabo remarked.

The opportunity to represent Burundi in the CAF Champions League signifies a significant milestone for Vital’O FC, as they prepare to showcase their talents on the broader African stage.

Competing in the CAF Champions League is a prestigious honor for any club, offering the chance to test their skills against top teams from across the continent. Vital’O FC will have the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities, resilience, and tactical acumen as they face formidable opponents in the quest for continental success.

The journey to the CAF Champions League presents a new set of challenges for Vital’O FC, requiring strategic planning, teamwork, and determination to navigate through the competition. As they represent Burundi on the continental stage, the players and coaching staff of Vital’O FC will aim to make a lasting impression and uphold the honor of their club and country.

For supporters of Vital’O FC and football enthusiasts in Burundi, the prospect of seeing their team compete in the CAF Champions League is a source of excitement and pride. As the team prepares for this prestigious competition, the expectations are high, with hopes of a successful campaign and a strong showing against top clubs from across Africa.

The 2024/2025 TotalEnergies CAF Champions League will serve as a platform for Vital’O FC to showcase their talent, determination, and resilience as they strive for excellence in one of the most prestigious club competitions on the African continent. With their eyes set on success, Vital’O FC will aim to make their mark and carve out a memorable journey in the illustrious history of the CAF Champions League.

Histoy of Burundi Premier League

Football was introduced in Burundi in 1936, during the colonial era; two separate federations were founded, the F.E.F.A.R.U. (Fédération Européenne de Football Amateur du Rwanda-Urundi) for European players and the F.I.F.U. (Fédération Indigene de Football d’Usumbura) for local ones. In 1948, these were united into the Burundian Football Federation (B.F.F.), and mixed competitions were held; interracial teams were created in 1954.

Burindi Premier League title winners since 2000

2000 – Vital’ô (Bujumbura)

2001 – Prince Louis FC (Bujumbura)

2002 – Muzinga (Bujumbura)

2003 – abandoned

2004 – Athlético Olympique (Bujumbura)

2005 – Inter Star (Bujumbura)

2006 – Vital’ô (Bujumbura)

2007 – Vital’ô (Bujumbura)

2008 – Inter Star (Bujumbura)

2009 – Vital’ô (Bujumbura)

2010 – Vital’ô (Bujumbura)

2011 – Athlético Olympique (Bujumbura)

2012 – Vital’ô (Bujumbura)

2013 – Flambeau de l’Est (Ruyigi)

2014 – LLB Académic (Bujumbura)

2015 – Vital’ô (Bujumbura)

2016 – Vital’ô (Bujumbura)

2017 – LLB S4A FC (Bujumbura)

2018 – Le Messager (Ngozi)

2019 – Aigle Noir (Makamba)

2020 – Le Messager (Ngozi)

2021 – Le Messager (Ngozi)

2022 – Flambeau du Centre (Gitega)

2023 – Bumamuru Standard FC (Cibitoke)

2024 – Vital’ô (Bujumbura)

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