Gerald Sibanda: A Visionary Leader Eyeing Zimbabwe Rugby Union Presidency

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Gerald Sibanda seeks Zimbabwe Rugby Union presidency.
Vision: Rugby overtaking football and cricket.
Emphasizes transparency, growth, and inclusivity.
Plans for infrastructure, player welfare, and development.
Sibanda’s leadership promises transformative change in rugby.

Gerald Sibanda, a distinguished sports administrator, has thrown his hat into the ring for the Zimbabwe Rugby Union presidency, aiming to steer the sport to new heights. With a background as a former Cheetahs player and extensive experience in sports administration, Sibanda brings a fresh vision and passion for the growth of rugby in Zimbabwe.

A Man of the People with a Vision

Describing himself as a “man of the people,” Sibanda’s primary vision is to see rugby surpass football and cricket to become the most popular sport in the country. His manifesto launch in Harare emphasized inclusivity, promising to ensure that all stakeholders, from administrators to provincial bodies and schools, have a voice in shaping the future of the sport.

Transparency and Growth

Central to Sibanda’s vision is transparent governance and sustainable growth. He pledges to govern the sport with transparency and diligence, aiming to foster trust and accountability at all levels of administration. Sibanda’s track record in boxing promotion and his successful Real Betis Soccer Academy demonstrate his capability to translate vision into action.

Synergies and Development Initiatives

Drawing inspiration from his collaborations with the Spanish LaLiga club, Sibanda intends to leverage partnerships to benefit local rugby talent. His proposed initiatives include the establishment of the Zimbabwe Rugby Foundation within the first 100 days of his presidency. This foundation aims to support both the national teams, such as the Sables, and grassroots programs like the Lady Sables, ensuring comprehensive development across all levels of the sport.

Infrastructure and Player Welfare

Sibanda’s ambitious plans extend to infrastructure development, with proposals for the construction of a modern 15,000-seater rugby stadium. Additionally, he envisions the introduction of franchise rugby to provide players with sustainable income opportunities while retaining local talent. Moreover, Sibanda prioritizes player welfare, intending to provide educational opportunities for players alongside their rugby careers, ensuring holistic development on and off the field.

Gerald Sibanda’s candidacy for the Zimbabwe Rugby Union presidency represents a pivotal moment for the sport in the country. With a commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and sustainable growth, Sibanda offers a compelling vision for the future of Zimbabwean rugby.

About the Union

The Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) is the governing body for rugby union in Zimbabwe. It oversees the development, administration, and promotion of rugby at all levels within the country. The union is responsible for organizing domestic competitions, managing national teams, and fostering the growth of the sport across Zimbabwe. Additionally, the ZRU represents Zimbabwean rugby on the international stage, coordinating participation in regional and global tournaments.

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