Kenya Rugby Super Series Match Day 3: Cheetahs vs. Rhinos

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Menengai Cream Cheetahs lead with two wins.
KCB Lions are second, trailing by two points.
Coaches make significant lineup changes for game.
Rhinos seek first win against strong Cheetahs.

The Rugby Super Series reaches its third match day this weekend, with action set to unfold at the Bull Ring in Kakamega. Following exciting fixtures at the RFUEA Grounds in Nairobi and the NAC Grounds in Nakuru earlier this month, the competition is heating up.

Current Standings and Performances

Leading the Pack: Menengai Cream Cheetahs
The Menengai Cream Cheetahs have established themselves as the team to beat, currently leading the standings with 8 points from two impressive wins. They remain the only team to have secured victories in both match days, demonstrating their strength and consistency.

KCB Bank Lions: Close Contenders
The KCB Bank Lions sit in second place, bolstered by a bonus point win and a narrow loss to the Cheetahs last weekend in Nakuru, which earned them an additional bonus point. This keeps them within striking distance of the top spot.

Kabras Sugar Buffaloes and Faiba Mobile Rhinos: A Battle for Redemption
Kabras Sugar Buffaloes achieved their first win against Faiba Mobile Rhinos, moving them to third place with 4 points. Meanwhile, the Faiba Mobile Rhinos are eager to break their losing streak as they prepare to face the formidable Cheetahs in Saturday’s 2 PM kick-off.

Strategic Changes for Menengai Cream Cheetahs

Overhauled Lineup
Menengai Cream Cheetahs head coach Lawrence Buyachi has made substantial adjustments to his starting lineup, with eleven changes aimed at maintaining their winning momentum. The back row duo of Felix Odhiambo and Amos Nyamanya are the only forwards retained. Nyamanya is also named as co-captain.

Tactical Backline Adjustments
In the backline, Alvin Khavoli switches from the right wing to the left wing, and Tyson Maina transitions from outside center to inside center, sharing the captaincy responsibilities for the match. Kenya Sevens International Denis Abukuse will make his debut in the Rugby Super Series at outside center, while Javan Okwaro will start at the right wing.

Menengai Cream Cheetahs Starting Lineup
Forwards: Kevin Kiget, Emmanuel Mboya, Brian Onyango, Tyson Okoth, Barry Opondo, Nelson Tengeye, Felix Odhiambo, Amos Nyamanya (C)
Backs: James Muthoni, Abutwalib Abdalla, Alvin Khavoli, Tyson Maina (C), Dennis Abukuse, Javan Okwaro, Samuel Macharia
Bench: Reuben Gathoni, Francis Orembe, Boisterous Makenzi, Ibrahim Ayoo, Clinton Juma, Samson Onsomu, Philip Otieno, Chrispine Shitundo
Faiba Mobile Rhinos Seek First Win

Fresh Faces and Renewed Energy
Faiba Mobile Rhinos head coach Paul Murunga has also opted for changes, introducing seven new players to the starting lineup in a bid to secure their first win. Raymond Chacha, Charlton Mokua, Patrick Wainaina, Stephen Osumba, Zedden Marrow, Charles Odhiambo, and Jan Remke are brought in to replace Adam Mugo, John Aswani, Arnold Muita, Evin Asena, Paul Mutsami, Matoka Matoka, and Harmony Wamalwa.

Key Changes in Strategy
This significant reshuffle indicates a strategic pivot as the Rhinos strive to overcome their recent struggles and make a strong statement against the league leaders.

Faiba Mobile Rhinos Starting Lineup
Forwards: Raymond Chacha, Mohamed Khaidar, Meshack Tunnech, Charlton Mokua, Ryan Odua, Steven Odhiambo (C), Laban Kipsang, Sheldon Kahi
Backs: Patrick Wainaina, Stephen Osumba, Zedden Marrow, Shem Okola, Charles Odhiambo, Jan Remke, Victor Odhiambo
Bench: Adam Mugo, Eric Shimoli, Abel Matanda, John Aswani, Arnold Muita, Evin Asena, Paul Mutsami, Fred Shisia

Coach Lawrence Buyachi: Focused on Consistency
Coach Buyachi’s decision to make extensive changes, despite the team’s winning streak, underscores his commitment to keeping the squad fresh and dynamic. The inclusion of experienced players like Denis Abukuse aims to inject new energy and maintain their competitive edge.

Coach Paul Murunga: Searching for the Winning Formula
For Coach Murunga, the numerous changes reflect a strategic attempt to find the right combination of players to turn the tide for the Rhinos. The upcoming match is a critical test of their resilience and adaptability.

Anticipation for Match Day Three

As the Rugby Super Series progresses, the clash between Menengai Cream Cheetahs and Faiba Mobile Rhinos promises to be a highlight of the weekend. The Cheetahs aim to extend their unbeaten run, while the Rhinos are desperate to secure their first victory.

Players to watch

Kevin Kiget (Menengai Cream Cheetahs): Promising forward leading the pack.
Tyson Maina (Menengai Cream Cheetahs): Captaining with consistent performance.
Denis Abukuse (Menengai Cream Cheetahs): Kenya Sevens talent making debut.
Raymond Chacha (Faiba Mobile Rhinos): Experienced forward leading the Rhinos’ charge.
Steven Odhiambo (Faiba Mobile Rhinos): Captain anchoring Rhinos’ defense.

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