KIU Titans Dominate D-Mark Power 91-67 with Stellar Team Performance

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Tembo scores 33 points, leading Titans to 91-67 win.
Titans’ collective effort with standout performances from key players.
Coach Lutwama praises team’s resilience in physical game.
Titans secure third place, aim to extend winning streak.

In an electrifying display of basketball prowess, Pierre Kasereka Tembo led the KIU Titans to a commanding 91-67 victory over D-Mark Power on Friday. Tembo’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, as he scored a game-high 33 points, reinforcing his reputation as a key player for the Titans. His recent form has been remarkable, scoring a total of 79 points in the last three games and averaging an impressive 26 points in the second round alone.

A Game Dominated by Tembo’s Brilliance

Tembo’s extraordinary skills were on full display during Friday’s game. He not only topped the scoring charts but also added two rebounds and five assists to his tally. His offensive prowess was particularly evident in the first half, where he scored 23 points with perfect precision. Tembo’s shooting was exceptional, finishing the game with a 7-9 record from beyond the arc, which played a crucial role in the Titans’ dominance.

A Comprehensive Team Effort

While Tembo’s performance was the highlight, the victory was a result of a collective effort by the Titans. Edgar Munaba and Joel Lukoji Banza were instrumental in maintaining the team’s momentum. Munaba contributed 17 points, 11 rebounds, and six assists, showcasing his versatility and resilience. Banza, on the other hand, finished with 10 points, eight rebounds, and the game’s highest 11 assists, demonstrating his ability to orchestrate plays and support his teammates effectively.

Peter Obleng, continuing his strong return to the team, posted his second consecutive double-double with 13 points and seven rebounds. His presence in the paint and ability to score under pressure added significant value to the team’s performance. Deputy Captain Brian Opio also made a vital contribution with 10 points, ensuring the Titans’ offensive strength remained consistent throughout the game.

Dominance from Start to Finish

The KIU Titans established their dominance early in the game and maintained their lead from start to finish. Their superior strategy and execution were evident as they outplayed Power, who struggled to match the Titans’ intensity and precision. By halftime, the Titans had already built a substantial 54-35 lead, indicating a possible century score. However, Power’s defense tightened in the second half, preventing an even larger deficit.

Coaches’ Reflections on the Game
KIU Titans’ Coach Lutwama praised his team’s resilience and ability to handle the physical nature of the game. “It was a very physical game, but thanks to the boys’ effort, we managed to secure the victory,” he stated. Lutwama highlighted the importance of maintaining player health, particularly after an incident where Joel Lukoji Banza was hit in the eye. “Victory in a game like this gives us energy and more confidence to keep dreaming. We are now shifting our focus to the next game,” Lutwama added, emphasizing the team’s forward-looking mindset.

Coach Mugerwa’s Perspective
Power’s Coach Mugerwa acknowledged the intensity of the match and the hard-fought efforts from both teams. “Power came very aggressive and hard on us, and we were equally hard, which made the game more physical,” he remarked. Despite the loss, Mugerwa noted the need for defensive improvements. “I feel we didn’t do well in defense, and that’s what we are going to start with back on the drawing board,” he concluded, indicating a strategic reassessment for future games.

Titans’ Standings and Future Prospects

With this victory, the KIU Titans solidify their third-place position on the league table with a 16-3 record, trailing only behind the Namuwongo Blazers and City Oilers. This win not only boosts their confidence but also highlights their potential to challenge for the top spots as the season progresses.

The Titans are set to return to action on Wednesday, May 22, against Ndejje Angels at the Lugogo Indoor Arena. This upcoming game is crucial for the Titans as they aim to extend their winning streak and maintain their strong form.

Performing players during the match

Pierre Kasereka Tembo: Scored a game-high 33 points, adding two rebounds and five assists for the Titans.
Edgar Munaba: Contributed significantly with 17 points, 11 rebounds, and six assists, showcasing his versatility.
Joel Lukoji Banza: Recorded 10 points, eight rebounds, and a game-high 11 assists, orchestrating the Titans’ plays.
Peter Obleng: Continued his strong form with 13 points and seven rebounds, securing his second consecutive double-double.
Brian Opio: Added a solid 10 points to the Titans’ total, reinforcing their offensive strength throughout the game.

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