Lions de Fer Secure Final Berth in 15-Aside Championship After Narrow Victory

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Lions de Fer beat Kigali Sharks 18-16 to reach final.
Intense match ended first half 11-10 for Sharks.
Lions de Fer’s strong defense secured their lead.
Captain Ikorukwishaka acknowledged match’s high competitiveness.
Lions de Fer to face Resilience RFC in final.

Lions de Fer have advanced to the final of the 15-Aside Rugby Championship, overcoming Kigali Sharks RFC 18-16 in a fiercely contested match held at UTEXRWA ground in Kigali on Saturday, May 18.

High-Stakes Clash Determines Finalist

The match was pivotal, with Lions de Fer leading the group with 15 points and Kigali Sharks close behind with 13. Both teams were vying for the sole spot in the final against Resilience RFC, ensuring a high-stakes encounter.

Intense First Half

The first half was a display of relentless action from both sides, characterized by strategic plays and defensive prowess. Kigali Sharks managed to edge ahead, closing the half with an 11-10 lead. The narrow margin reflected the intense competition and the tactical battles waged on the field.

Second Half Drama

The intensity carried over into the second half, with Kigali Sharks pushing hard to maintain their lead. However, Lions de Fer, under the guidance of Coach Vincent Kamali, showcased a robust defensive strategy that stifled the Sharks’ efforts. A decisive moment came in the final minutes when Lions de Fer took the lead. Despite a late try from the Sharks, their captain Didier Ishimwe missed a critical conversion that could have changed the game’s outcome.

Nerve-Wracking Finish

Lions de Fer held their nerve as the clock ran down, securing the win and their place in the final. The narrow victory highlighted the competitive nature of the championship, with the final score underscoring the small margins that can define success in rugby.

Captain’s Perspective

Club captain Patrick Ikorukwishaka reflected on the challenging nature of the match. “As the top team in the country, this was the most challenging match we’ve played in this championship. We usually outscore opponents by large margins, but today we won by only 2 points, showing the competitiveness of the game,” he stated.

Ikorukwishaka acknowledged the formidable challenge ahead against Resilience RFC. “Resilience is not an easy team, but we will prepare well to avoid any surprises.”

Road to the Final

The 15-Aside Rugby Championship, which kicked off on March 23, featured eight teams divided into two groups. In Group A, Lions de Fer topped the standings with 19 points, followed by Kigali Sharks with 14 points, Burera Tigers with 9 points, Puma RFC with 5 points, and Rwamagana Hippos with 1 point.

Group B saw Resilience RFC leading with 8 points, Gitisi TSS RFC with 5 points, and UR Grizzlies RFC trailing with 1 point. The top team from each group earned a direct spot in the final, while the second-placed teams will contest for third place.

As Lions de Fer prepare to defend their title against Resilience RFC, the team is focused on leveraging their strengths and addressing the lessons learned from their narrow victory over the Sharks. The final promises to be a gripping contest, with both teams bringing their best to claim the championship title.

Key moments

Coach Vincent Kamali – Strategized robust defense to thwart Sharks’ attacks.
Captain Didier Ishimwe (Sharks) – Scored crucial try but missed key conversion.
Captain Patrick Ikorukwishaka (Lions de Fer) – Led team through challenging match, emphasizing competitiveness.

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