Kenya Rugby Teams Prepare for World Series Playoffs and Olympic Qualifiers in Miramas, France

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Kenya rugby teams train in Miramas for upcoming competitions.
Shujaa aim to reclaim World Series core status.
Lionesses prepare for Olympic repechage in Monaco.
Partnership with SportPesa boosts Kenya rugby teams.

    Kenya’s national rugby teams, Shujaa (men’s sevens) and Lionesses (women’s sevens), have set up camp in Miramas, France. This strategic move comes ahead of their critical upcoming fixtures: the World Series playoffs and the Olympic qualifiers. The city of Miramas will serve as the training ground for Team Kenya before they head to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

    Strategic Pre-Olympics Camp

    Shujaa and the Lionesses are the first to experience Kenya’s pre-Olympics camp in Miramas. This location was chosen to provide the teams with optimal training conditions and to minimize the disruptions of traveling back and forth between Europe and Kenya. The decision to stay in Miramas underscores the teams’ commitment to preparing meticulously for their upcoming challenges.

    Shujaa’s Path to Reclaiming Core Status

    Shujaa, buoyed by their qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, are focused on reclaiming their core status in the HSBC World Rugby Series. This journey began with their impressive performance against South Africa, the former African champions.

    The World Series playoffs are pivotal for Shujaa, offering not only a pathway to the Olympics but also a platform to hone their skills and strategies. With just 63 days remaining until the Olympics, the team is utilizing every opportunity to refine their gameplay.

    Shujaa’s recent performance in the 2024 Challenger Series saw them finish fifth in Munich, Germany. This, combined with strong showings in Dubai and Montevideo, secured them a spot in the World Series promotion-relegation playoff in Madrid, Spain. Shujaa will face Spain, Samoa, and Chile in Pool B, needing to finish among the top four to return to the World Series after their relegation last May.

    Insights from Shujaa’s Leadership

    “We are delighted to be in camp here in Miramas, as opposed to going back home and then returning later for the playoffs,” said Shujaa co-captain Tony Omondi. “This setup allows us to stay focused and train in conditions akin to those we will face in the competitions.”

    Lionesses’ Determined Push for Olympics

    The Kenya Lionesses are equally determined, aiming for their third consecutive Olympic appearance. However, they face a challenging path through the repechage, having narrowly missed the sole African ticket to the Lady Boks of South Africa.

    The Lionesses’ training schedule in Miramas is rigorous. They will train for two weeks in France before returning to Nairobi for a brief period, then heading back to Miramas for an additional week of training. Their final stop before the repechage will be Monaco, where they will compete from June 21-23 against Argentina, Papua New Guinea, and Samoa in Pool A.

    Maintaining Competitive Edge

    During their stay in Miramas, both teams will engage in test matches with various French rugby teams. These matches are crucial for maintaining their competitive edge and acclimatizing to the conditions they will face in the upcoming competitions.

    Partnership with SportPesa

    In a significant boost for Kenya Rugby, a partnership with SportPesa has been announced. This deal is expected to provide additional resources and support as both teams prepare for their international engagements. The partnership comes at a crucial time as Shujaa and the Lionesses aim to make impactful performances in their respective tournaments.

    The strategic training camp in Miramas reflects the ambition and preparation of Kenya’s rugby teams as they gear up for critical international competitions.

    About the Camp

    Strategic Training Camp: Miramas serves as the ideal base, streamlining preparation for World Series playoffs and Olympics.
    Shujaa’s Redemption Quest: Shujaa’s resurgence targets World Series core status, fueled by strong recent performances.
    Lionesses’ Olympic Pursuit: Lionesses embark on a determined journey towards their third consecutive Olympic appearance.
    Competitive Edge Maintenance: Engaging test matches in Miramas vital for honing skills and adapting to competition conditions.
    SportPesa Partnership: Strategic alliance with SportPesa promises crucial support and resources for Kenya’s rugby teams.

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