Empowering Girls Through Basketball: Giants of Africa’s Impact

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Ujiri and Munyangaju inaugurate basketball court in Rwanda.
Giants of Africa promotes gender equality through sport.
Collaboration between government and private sector drives change.
Ceremony highlights impact of sport on youth empowerment.

Masai Ujiri, renowned for his leadership with the Toronto Raptors and as the co-founder of Giants of Africa, alongside Rwandan Minister of Sports Aurore Mimosa Munyangaju, recently marked a significant milestone on May 28th. They inaugurated a state-of-the-art basketball court at Ecole Notre Dame de la Providence (ENDP) in the Huye District.

A Beacon of Change: Giants of Africa’s Vision

This court isn’t just about basketball; it symbolizes hope and opportunity for countless young girls across Rwanda. As part of Giants of Africa’s mission to build 100 courts across the continent, this initiative resonates deeply with Rwanda’s aspirations to become a sports and entertainment hub.

Beyond Infrastructure: Investing in Youth

The facility boasts upgraded features such as a basketball floor, spectator area, and floodlights for evening games. However, its true value lies in the empowerment it offers to the community, especially young girls. By prioritizing gender equality and women’s empowerment, Giants of Africa is nurturing a generation of confident and ambitious young women.

Building Dreams, One Court at a Time

This court marks the sixth one constructed by Giants of Africa in Rwanda alone, a testament to their commitment to the nation’s sporting future. Masai Ujiri’s acknowledgment of the school’s contribution to women’s basketball underscores the pivotal role educational institutions play in shaping sporting talent.

A Testament to Collaboration: Government and Private Partnership

The collaboration between Giants of Africa and the Rwandan government exemplifies the power of public-private partnerships in driving social change. Minister Munyangaju’s recognition of the broader impact beyond basketball emphasizes the multifaceted benefits such initiatives bring to communities.

Education Through Sport: Giants of Africa’s Legacy

Since its inception in 2003, Giants of Africa has been dedicated to using basketball as a tool for education and youth development. This court represents more than just a sporting facility—it’s a beacon of hope and opportunity for generations to come.

Fostering Talent, Transforming Lives

The ceremony’s conclusion with a friendly game between former and current students highlights the transformative power of sport. Minister Munyangaju’s participation underscores the government’s commitment to supporting grassroots initiatives that uplift communities.

A Bright Future for Rwandan Basketball

As Philomene Nyirahuku, Headmistress of ENDP Karubanda, aptly puts it, this facility is not just about producing basketball players; it’s about nurturing dreams and fostering talent.


The basketball court inauguration symbolizes hope and opportunity for young girls in Rwanda’s Huye District.
Giants of Africa’s initiative underscores the importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment in sports.
Collaboration between Masai Ujiri’s organization and the Rwandan government highlights the power of public-private partnerships.
The upgraded facility not only enhances sporting infrastructure but also fosters community development and youth empowerment.
The ceremony’s conclusion with a friendly game emphasizes the transformative impact of sports on Rwandan communities.

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