Shujaa’s Critical Match Against Chile: The Path to Promotion

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Shujaa must beat Chile to keep promotion hopes alive.
Kenya won against Samoa but narrowly lost to Spain.
Improving handling and conversions critical for Shujaa’s success.
CS Ababu motivates team ahead of crucial Chile match.

The Challenge Ahead

Shujaa, Kenya’s rugby sevens team, faces a must-win match against Chile on Saturday evening to keep their promotion hopes alive. After a mixed performance in the Madrid Grand final, Shujaa must secure a victory to maintain their chances of returning to the HSBC World Sevens Series. With their fate hanging in the balance, the team is gearing up for a high-stakes encounter that could define their season.

Mixed Results: Samoa Victory and Spain Defeat

Kenya started their campaign on a high note with a convincing 19-10 victory over Samoa. The win showcased their potential and raised hopes for a strong tournament performance. However, their subsequent narrow 10-5 loss to Spain highlighted areas needing improvement and left them with much to ponder.

Spain capitalized on Kenya’s errors, scoring a well-converted try and a penalty in the first half to lead 10-0 at halftime. Despite gaining a numerical advantage early in the second half due to a Spanish player being sin-binned, Shujaa struggled to turn the tide. Vincent Onyala’s try gave them a glimmer of hope, but it remained unconverted, and Kenya could not overcome the deficit. Missed opportunities, including a critical mishandling by substitute winger Chrisant Ojwang, sealed their fate in this match.

The Road to the Semi-Finals

Kenya’s path to the HSBC World Sevens Series involves securing a top-four finish in the Madrid Grand final. This achievement would place them in the semi-finals, where they would face one of the teams from Pool A, which includes Canada, USA, Uruguay, and Germany. The tournament features a playoff structure where the top four teams from the Challenger Series and the teams placed ninth to twelfth in the World Series compete for promotion.

To advance, Shujaa must deliver a decisive performance against Chile. The stakes are high, and every point counts in this critical matchup. Kenya needs to capitalize on their strengths and rectify the errors that cost them against Spain.


  • Dynamic Offense: Shujaa’s victory over Samoa demonstrated their offensive capabilities, with quick, coordinated plays and effective scoring.
  • Resilience: Despite the loss to Spain, Kenya showed resilience, fighting back in the second half and almost leveling the score.

Areas for Improvement

  • Handling Errors: The loss to Spain was marred by handling errors, particularly in crucial moments. Improving ball handling will be essential against Chile.
  • Conversion Accuracy: Missed conversions, as seen with Onyala’s try, cost valuable points. Shujaa must ensure they capitalize on every scoring opportunity.

Motivational Boost

In a bid to lift the team’s spirits, CS Ababu has sent a motivational message to Shujaa ahead of their decisive match against Chile. The message emphasizes the importance of this match and encourages the team to draw on their strengths and the support of their fans to push for victory.

A victory over Chile would not only keep Kenya’s promotion hopes alive but also boost their morale as they head into the semi-finals. The team’s ability to adapt, learn from their mistakes, and execute their game plan under pressure will be crucial.

Key Performances

Vincent Onyala’s Resilient Effort: Scored a try against Spain, showcasing his impact with crucial plays.

Stats: 1 try scored, demonstrating his ability to contribute to scoring opportunities.
Chrisant Ojwang’s Determination: Despite missed opportunity, his presence offers attacking options.

Stats: Key substitute, showcasing versatility and impact off the bench.
CS Ababu’s Motivational Influence: Provides crucial morale boost with motivational message ahead of Chile match.

Stats: Leadership impact, inspiring team cohesion and determination for crucial encounter.
Shujaa’s Dynamic Offense: Displayed against Samoa, highlighting team’s ability to execute coordinated plays effectively.

Stats: 19 points scored against Samoa, showcasing offensive prowess and scoring capabilities.

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