Shocking Results: Kenyan Athletes’ Stockholm Diamond League Journey Exposed

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  • Kenyan Athletes’ Performance at Stockholm Diamond League
  • Highlighted Performances in Women’s 800m and Men’s 800m
  •  Notable Results in Women’s 1500m and Men’s Steeplechase
  •  Insights and Statements from Athletes and Officials

Last Sunday’s Stockholm Diamond League saw varied outcomes for Kenyan athletes.

They aimed to shine before the 2024 Paris Olympics trials in Nairobi.

Global contenders also used the event to signal their Olympic readiness.

Only a few Kenyan athletes attended, prioritizing Olympic trials preparation over Stockholm.

African bronze medallist Vivian Chebet Kiprotich was in Stockholm, hoping to make a name in the Diamond League circuit.

Chebet stumbles

Chebet took on Great Britain’s Jemma Reekie, a World indoor Silver medallist, in the women’s 800m, and placed second in a time of 1:58.64.

She set out her season with a 1500m season best at the Kip Keino Classic Continental Tour in April, where she ran 1:58.26 before lining up in several races in Europe – competing in France, Poland, and Italy.

In men’s 800m, however, Algeria’s Djamel Sedjati now holds the distance’s world lead after winning in a time of 1:43.23.

Sedjati’s presence felt

Sedjati made a major announcement as he destroyed a strong field, timing 1:43.23, and in the process lowering world silver medallist Emmanuel Wanyonyi’s stunning time of 1:43.57.

Former World Under-20 bronze medallist Edinah Jebitok’s 1500m campaign paid off after she came in second behind Olympic silver medallist Laura Muir of Great Britain.

Jebitok had just recorded a disappointing 11th at the Oslo Diamond League on Thursday evening, where she took part in the 3000m, and only her second in the 1500m distance.

Her only other 1500m race this season was at the Kip Keino Classic, where she clocked 4:07.22 for a second place.

Like Jabitok, Muir used the Stockholm Diamond League contest to move her Olympic preparations a gear higher with the glorious victory the women’s 1500m.

The 31-year-old British star, who won in Stockholm in the 2019 and 2020 events, clocked a comfortable 3:57.99 ahead of Kenya’s Jebitok – who had a shock personal best of 3:58.88 and confirmed that she was ready to challenge Kenyan stars for the Olympic crown in Paris.

The 22-year-old eighth-placed in world cross-country skiing was third in the 5000m Rabat and only 11th in Oslo over 3000m.

“I have to remember we’re only at the start of June and it’s about August this year – that’s when I need to be as best,” Muir said.

“Running like I am now and knowing I have a couple more months of training before the Olympics is very exciting going forward. I’m not doing Rome (EC) because of the championship format and a lot of rounds plus it will be very hot I want to put everything I have into the Olympics.”

Three Kenyan men, Lawrence Kemboi, Wilberforce Kones and Wesely Langat, who were looking to stamp authority in 3,000m steeplechase, did not finish the race won by Ethiopian big shot Lamecha Girma.

After Stockholm, the series take a short break and returns on July 7.


Men’s 400 Meter Hurdles

1. Alison dos Santos, BRA, 47.01

2. Kyron McMaster, IVB, 48.05

3. CJ Allen, USA, 48.12

4. Carl Bengstrom, SWE, 48.72

5. Rasmus Magi, EST, 48.72

6. Matic Ian Gucek, SLO, 49.13

7. Abderrahman Alsaleck, QAT, 49.69

8. Bassem Hemeida, QAT, 50.38

Women’s 100 Meters

1. Gina Mariam Bass Bittaye, GAM, 11.15

2. Marie-Josee Talou-Smith, CIV, 11.16

3. Brittany Brown, USA, 11.18

4. Zaynab Dosso, ITA, 11.23

5. Julia Henriksson, SWE, 11.37

6. Boglarka Takacs, HUN, 11.40

7. Natasha Morrison, JAM, 11.41

8. Olga Safronova, KAZ, 11.65

Women’s 1,500 Meters

1. Laura Muir, GBR, 3:57.99

2. Edinah Jebitok, KEN, 3:58.88

3. Georgia Griffith, AUS, 3:59.17

4. Birke Haylom, ETH, 3:59.84

5. Danielle Jones, USA, 4:00.64

6. Revee Walcott-Nolan, GBR, 4:00.77

7. Linden Hall, AUS, 4:01.01

8. Cory McGee, USA, 4:02.64

9. Nozomi Tanaka, JPN, 4:02.98

10. Sintayehu Vissa, ITA, 4:03.36

11. Hanna Hermansson, SWE, 4:07.85

12. Sarah Billings, AUS, 4:10.21

Women’s Shot Put

1. Chase Jackson, USA, 20.0m

2. Sarah Mitton< CAN, 19.98m

3. Jessica Schilder, NED, 19.08m

4. Song Jiayuan, CHN, 18.87m

5. Danniel Thomas-Dodd, JAM, 18.77m

6. Fanny Roos, SWE, 18.50m

7. Sara Lenman, SWE, 18.28m

8. Maggie Ewen, USA, 18.27m

9. Jorinde van Klinken, NED, 18.13m

Women’s High Jump

1. Yaroslava Mahuchikh, UKR, 2.00m

2. Imke Onnen, GER, 1.94m

3. Iryna Gerashchenko, UKR, 1.94m

4. Nicola Olyslagers, AUS, 1.94m

5. Eleanor Patterson, AUS, 1.90m

6. Mirela Demireva, BUL, 1.90m

7. Lia Apostolovski, SLO, 1.86m

8. Maja Nilsson, SWE, 1.86m

9. Yuliaa Levchenko, 1.82m

Men’s Pole Vault

1. Mondo Duplantis, SWE, 6.00m

2. Sam Kendricks, USA, 5.90m

3. KC Lightfoot, USA, 5.80m

4. Thibaut Collet, FRA, 5.70m

5. Clayton Fritsch, USA, 5.70m

6. Ben Broeders, BEL, 5.70m

7. John Obiena Ernest, PHI, 5.70m

8. Christopher Nilsen, USA, 5.40m

Women’s Triple Jump

1. Leyanis Perez Hernandez, CUB, 14.67m

2. Shanieka Ricketts, JAM, 14.40m

3. Thea Lafond, DMA, 14.26m

4. Tugba Danismaz, TUR, 13.95m

5. Maja Askag, SWE, 13.78m

6. Keturah Orji, USA, 13.75m

7. Neja Filipic, SLO, 13.74m

8. Emilia Sjosstrand, SWE, 13.55m

9. Kimberly Williams, JAM, 13.48m

Men’s 3,000 Meters

1. Narvas Gilje Nordas, NOR, 7:33.49

2. Dominic Lokinyomo Lobalu, SUI, 7:33.68

3. Luis Grijalva, GUA, 7:33.96

4. Andreas Almgren, SWE, 7:34.28

5. MOhamed Ismail, DJI, 7:36.29

6. Adriaan Wildschutt, RSA, 7:36.77

7. Stewart McSweyn, AUS, 7:36.78

8. Adel Mechaal, ESP, 7:37.28

9. Mezgebu Sime, ETH, 9:39.40

10. Sam Parsons, GER, 7:40.01

11. Birhanu Balew, BRN, 7:46.10

12. Emil Danielsson, SWE, 7:49.03

13. Telahun Haile Bekele, ETH, 7:50.13

Men’s Discus

1. Mykolas Alekna, LTU, 68.64m

2. Matthew Denny, AUS, 66.75m

3. Daniel Stahl, SWE, 66.10m

4. Henrik Janssen, GER, 65.85m

5. Lukas Weibhaidinger, AUT, 65.43m

6. Fedrick Dacres, JAM, 64.21m

7. Andrius Gudzius, LTU, 64.07

8. Simon Pettersson, SWE, 59.55m

Men’s 100 Meters

1. Emmanuel Esseme, CMR, 10.16

2. Kyree King, USA, 10.18

3. Chituru Ali, ITA, 10.19

4. Ryiem Forde, JAM, 10.22

5. Hakim Sani Brown, JPN, 10.28

6. Joshua Hartmann, GER, 10.30

7. Henrik Larsson, SWE, 10.47

8. Yupun Abeykoon, SRI, 10.63

Men’s 3,000 Meter Steeplechase

1. Lamecha Girma, ETH, 8:01.63

2. Samuel Firewu, ETH, 8:05.78

3. Mohamed Amin Jhinaoui, TUN, 8:10.41

4. Getnet Wale, ETH, 8:10.73

5. Mohamed Tindouft, MAR, 8:14.15

6. Geordie Beamish, NZL, 8:14.71

7. Hillary Bor, USA, 8:15.53

8. Jean-Simon Desagnes, CAN, 8:15.95

9. Emil Blomberg, SWE, 8:16.94

10. Simon Sundstrom, SWE, 8:17.15

11. Samuel Duguna, ETH, 8:20.49

12. Vidar Johansson, SWE, 8:23.99

13. Leo Magnusson, SWE, 8:24.91

Women’s 400 Meter Hurdles

1. Femke Bol, NED, 53.07

2. Rushell Clayton, JAM, 53.78

3. Andrenette Knight, JAM, 54.62

4. Janieve Russell, JAM, 54.99

5. Anna Ryzhykova, UKR, 55.64

6. Ayomide Folorunso, ITA, 55.99

7. Cathelijn Peeters, NED, 56.03

8. Moa Granat, SWE, 56.65

Women’s 200 Meters

1. Shericka Jackson, JAM, 22.69

2. Julia Henriksson, SWE, 22.89

3. Amy Hunt, GBR, 22.92

4. Anavia Battle, USA, 22.98

5. Maboundou Kone, CIV, 23.04

6. Tasa Jiya, NED, NED, 23.25

7. Jenna Prandini, USA, 23.31

Men’s 800 meters

1. Djamel Sedjati, ALG, 1:43.23

2. Bryce Hoppel, USA, 1:44.29

3. Tshepiso Masalela, BOT, 1:44.44

4. Ben Pattison, GBR, 1:44.44

5. Benjamin Robert, FRA, 1:44.73

6. Elliot Giles, GBR, 1:45.10

7. Andreas Kramer, SWE, 1:45.27

8. Jake Wightman, GBR, 1:45.35

9. Slimane Moula, ALG, 1:48.02

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