Rwanda’s U18 Basketball Teams Gear Up for FIBA Zone V Championships

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As the buzz of excitement envelops the basketball community, Rwanda’s U18 basketball teams, both boys and girls, are poised to make their mark in the upcoming FIBA Zone V Championships. Set against the backdrop of Kampala’s bustling streets, the tournament, slated for June 9-14 at the prestigious Lugogo Indoor Stadium, promises to be a thrilling spectacle of athleticism and sportsmanship.

Departure and Preparations

Departing from the Kigali International Airport aboard RwandaAir, the teams embarked on their journey with determination and passion coursing through their veins. Led by seasoned coaches Yves Murenzi and Jacques Bahige, the boys and girls teams, respectively, are primed for success. Their journey symbolizes not just a quest for victory but also a testament to the unwavering spirit of Rwandan basketball.

A Battle of Titans

With ten formidable teams from Zone 5 in contention, including perennial rivals Somalia, Tanzania, and Kenya, the stage is set for a fierce battle on the courts. Each team brings its unique blend of talent and tenacity, making every match a gripping showdown of skill and strategy. As the adrenaline-soaked clashes unfold, spectators can expect nothing short of electrifying basketball action.

Road to Afrobasket Championship

For the determined young athletes, the stakes are high. The preliminary round tournament winners in both the boys’ and girls’ categories will secure a coveted spot in the U18 Afrobasket Championship, to be held in South Africa. With dreams of representing their nation on the continental stage, every dribble, pass, and shot becomes a crucial step towards glory.

Wild Card Drama

Adding an element of intrigue to the competition is Egypt, the reigning champions in the boys’ category and runners-up in the girls’ division from the 2022 FIBA U18 African Championship. With an automatic berth secured through a wild card entry, Egypt looms as a formidable force, ready to challenge the aspirations of their rivals in the 2024 edition.

Meet the Contenders

As anticipation mounts, let’s take a closer look at the final squads representing Rwanda:


Joseph Nshimiye
Darcy Minega
Lucky Nziza
Juru Cedric Ntigurirwa
Jonas Singiza
Dylan Kayijuka
Larson Shema Niyibizi
Kailo Plamedie Bizimana
Noah Kemerwa
Larry Gisa Shyaka
Christian Iranzi
Senkomane Ricardo Gomez
Jean Batiste Murangwa

Angelique Tuyishime
Emelyne Iragena Mahoro
Rebeca Cyuzuzo
Liliane Ingabire
Jeanne Uwimbabazi
Vestine Tuyisenge
Brigitte Nibishaka
Rachael Gikundiro
Solange Umwali
Vivine Elizabeth Mugisha
Keva Nyirishema Kariza
Gaxine Iliza Mazimpaka
Teto Aela Barahira

Players to keep an eye on

Dylan Kayijuka: Dynamic scorer with sharp shooting skills.
Angelique Tuyishime: Agile guard known for quick drives and steals.
Lucky Nziza: Versatile forward excelling in rebounds and defense.

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