Springbok Womens Sevens End HSBC SVNS Singapore on a High Note

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  • Springbok Women’s Sevens: Ninth in Singapore.
  • Coach pleased with team’s resilience.
  • Challenges faced: mental hurdles, injuries.
  • Future: Madrid playoffs, Olympics debut.

The Springbok Women’s Sevens team concluded their journey in the HSBC SVNS Singapore tournament with an impressive victory against the USA, securing ninth place overall. Let’s delve into their performance, insights, and future prospects.

Rise to Ninth Position

With their second win of the weekend against the USA, the South African team showcased resilience and determination. Maria Tshiremba’s decisive goal before halftime set the stage for their triumph, capping off a weekend that saw them clinch three victories out of five games, marking their second-best performance this season.

Coach’s Satisfaction

Head coach Renfred Dazel expressed his contentment with the team’s performance, highlighting the significance of their momentum-building triumphs. Despite facing fatigue and injuries, the players rallied, exemplifying commitment and adaptability, with standout performances from players like Ayanda Malinga, who excelled in a new position.

Challenges Faced

While the Springbok Women were on the cusp of reaching the quarter-finals, losses against formidable opponents, France and Japan, posed mental challenges. Overcoming these obstacles remains a priority, as acknowledged by Dazel, who emphasized the need for mental fortitude to seize crucial opportunities in future tournaments.

Key Victories and Setbacks

The tournament saw a mix of highs and lows for the South African team. An initial triumph against the USA set a positive tone, but subsequent defeats against France and Japan highlighted areas for improvement. Nonetheless, a commendable victory over Spain renewed their spirits, setting the stage for a triumphant rematch against the USA.

Player Perspectives

Senior player Eloise Webb echoed Dazel’s sentiments, emphasizing the team’s resilience and unity in the face of adversity. Despite acknowledging areas for improvement, Webb praised the team’s courage and determination, underscoring their collective pursuit of success.

Injury Concerns and Future Plans

Injuries to players such as Simamkele Namba, Zintle Mpupha, and Shona-Leah Weston pose challenges, requiring careful assessment and management. Looking ahead, the team gears up for the promotion and relegation play-off competition in Madrid, followed by their historic participation in the Olympic Games in Paris.

The Springbok Women’s Sevens team showcased resilience, determination, and unity throughout the HSBC SVNS Singapore tournament. 

Player contributions 

  • Maria Tshiremba: Scored match-winning try vs. USA, totaling 2 tries in the tournament.
  • Ayanda Malinga: Adapted to prop position, demonstrating versatility and resilience with 10 tackles and 5 carries.
  • Eloise Webb: Senior player with 15 tackles and 3 line breaks, providing leadership and guidance.
  • Simamkele Namba: Injured knee, pending assessment after making 20 tackles and 2 turnovers.
  • Zintle Mpupha: Suffered concussion after contributing 25 tackles and 2 assists, awaiting clearance to return.

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